Friday, July 30, 2010

Ikea Clock Project

Let's take a break from Renovation and talk about my recent home project. The first being - Ikea Clock Project.

I came to this lady's blog from somewhere and she is so talented in paper cutting. Her craft ideas are amazing too.

One of her post is on Clock Making. So I decided to follow suit!

Bought this from Ikea for less than RM4.00. Diameter about 20cm

Use a knife (I use ruler) to open the cover

Remove the cover
I got this sticker from Ikano for RM8.90. The sticker is "3D" a bit

Cut the sticker

and stick all over the clock

Verdict: I think over crowded. But WTH. Biar la....Siun la..


  1. :D See what I did with those IKEA clocks here...

  2. hahahaa.. cant see what time lah.. :P

  3. Eh, looks good! So different the before and after! One thing I'd like to know, is this Ikea clock good? My mum bought a cheap clock once, it consumed batteries like nobody's business. Had to abandon it as it was too expensive to feed!

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  4. oh cute idea!^^ there's so much we can do with that :D Capsule penguins are still available and can be remade^^ Please let me know if you're interested!Thanks!

  5. Very creative and nice but then, my eyes will go cocked trying to see what time it is haha!

  6. Hi Little Lamb, really nice of you remembering me and leaving your fingerprints at my pondok. Thank you. And yes...its been a long time, but I still remember to forget with the nice callsign, 'Little Lamb'.
    How you doin'? Family all doing well...?

    Wow, you are your design.....
    For us, we don't have a big clock, only couple of small table clocks...
    Besides I'm retired....and no need clocks, ha ha.
    You have a nice day, best regards, Lee.