Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creamy Avocado Spread on Gardenia's New Range of Bread

Recently, I bumped into Wendy's blog ..again by chance. Not sure whether thru QP or Elin's blogs..but nevertheless, the day when I first stepped in to Wendy's blog, she blog about a very easy dish to prepare.  However, I am very skeptical about trying other people's recipe unless they have been tested!!!

I wanted to try her pasta dish. But at the same time, one of the bosses staff at this bread factory gave me 2 loaves of bread. I kept 30% of it cos I know I wont be able to finish it and the rest I gave my office colleagues.

Passione Italiana (Italian bread)
Bonjour (French bread)

To truly enjoy this fresh bread, is to eat with some spread like Tuna or Egg or some meat. Do check out their recipe website. I then improvised Wendy's recipe.

1 Avocado (skin & biji remove)
Half Lemon
Mixed Herbs
Pinch of Salt
Olive Oil (about half tea-spoons)
Yoke of hard-boil egg (cos my son didnt want to eat the yoke and I threw in as well)

Step 1 and that's it: Blend all together.
I could not get the puree texture. Maybe not enough liquid? I dare not add more lemon juice just in case it will change the taste of it. and it kept sticking to the side of the blend. I think I spent 30mins opening the blender to scoop down the ingredient to the blade-knife !@#$%

After that, just spread on toasted bread.

Taste: least for me ;)

Dunno what type is this.