Sunday, May 27, 2012

Toast Art

Inspired by a mummy from facebook, I decided to put on the creative cap today. Not really creative la, just copying her idea.

My son is on holiday, hence this was made for myself, by myself.

1) Cut shapes you like on foil
2) Place on top of bread
3) Toast it like you normally do (mine is 4 mins)
4) Once done, remove
Keep foil for future use ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

McDonalds and his integrity

Yes, another post on McDonalds.

They are having the Hotwheels promo. So without much hesitation, P wants to get his hand on all the 4 cars. Imagine 4 cars means I have to visit McD 4 different times. So came the second week, we happily went to McD. After the previous experience, I thought I could be wiser when ordering. So I ordered 1 Value Meal + 1 Toy at RM3. When the lady gave the toy, it was the old stock. She said the weeks new toy is out of stock. So I requested to be refunded. and guess what? She only refunded me RM3 and not RM3.15 with the tax I paid. I demanded for the tax and she sternly said no. It was a packed Saturday and I didnt want to make further noise. Now, my son label this branch as "BAD MCDs"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

McDonalds and Being Consumer Wise

Today I decided to blog my thoughts about my experience at McD.

We (both my son and myself) seldom eat McD, however we are patron of their playground. Normally I would buy 1 coffee and 1 sundae cone just so not to feel guilty of using their play area. Every time, I will also ask the counter, you know in other countries, there is Mc Cafe. When you are opening that line of food. You should know why I am asking ;)

..coming back. So today, we decided to have a meal at McD. 1 Happy Meal set for my son because its a toy car now on offer. For me, knowing I cant finish a complete meal, I decided to order ala-carte. The cashier rang RM14. Immediately that caught me the ala-carte RM7??? and THEN, before I realized, I cannot change the order as I have paid and rushed off. As I was in the car, another item struck me. Lunch/Dinner Meal starts at  RM5.95 (plus tax RM6.30) and I can get Burger+Fries and even a drink. Oh my my...

FYI: I paid RM6.10 for the Fish Fillet AlaCarte. If I ordered Fish Fillet Lunch/Dinner meal, I would have paid RM7.35. (rm1.25 difference for fries and a drink)

My order:
Happy Meal: rm8.10
AlaCarte Fillet: RM6.10
Total: 14.20

Would you order less so not to waste? or would you order what is money worth and give the balance food to others? I am sure 99% of you would buy the complete meal right ;)

Another thing I would like to highlight.
1 Happy Meal set of Nuggets (4 pieces), Small Fries, Small Drink and 1 toy cost RM8.10
1 Set Lunch/Dinner Nugget Meal (6 pieces), Large Fries, Medium Drink only cost RM7.35 (only disadvantage, no toy, but more food)

Happy Meal Set - Nuggets 

Mc Value Lunch/Dinner Nuggets

Does it make business sense? SURE LA for those parents with young kids. But now, I will be smarter. I dont want those China-made toys anymore!!!!

Are you being consumer wise too?