Friday, May 27, 2011

I like Nippon Paint ...

I spent all my money doing up the Master Bed room and my son's room. Hence, other part of the house is left as it is :( However I feel really insecure because I have this health hazardous n "dangerous" room. The 3rd room a.k.a the study cum guest room.

Why? Take a look

- No space to walk at all and at any point, you may trip and fall. No SAFETY
- So many things (bills, books, stationary, rubbish) into this tiny room.
- Because this room is literally no entry, no one bother to clean and tidy up. Hence, the windows are not open, the fan is not switched on for ventilation and now, some smell too...I reckon some people will get sick too...*ha...choooooo*

I like Nippon Paint because they are they color experts. They spend many years in R&D to understand consumer needs and trends. But what is most important that the paint is safe for my kid. My son is only 3yo and that matter most. I was checking out The Nippon Paint Blobbies facebook page recently and found out more interesting benefits too...

Seriously, when I go into Phase 2, 3, and 4 of my house reno, surely the first thing that will pop my mind for paints will be Nippon Paint