Monday, July 5, 2010

Choosing the ID (Interior Designer) - Part 4/4

The coverage that I wanted Eunice to handle were
- Master Bed Room c/w cabinets, tv console
Reasoning: Because we do spend quite a good hours in the bedroom, the bedroom should be comfortable. I wanted another TV so that I dont have to fight with the little-fella.
- 2 Bathrooms
Reasoning: Current tiles were awful (although acceptable), but I wanted a fresh look
- 1 featured wall
Reasoning: The wall was plain. So adding some stickers and pictures to it
- 1 shoe cabinet
This is customized to maximize the area.
- 1 display cabinet
This is at a corner and instead of wasting the area, I added a cabinet to put stuff

- 2nd room (Philip's room) and study room to be minimal, and to use back old furniture.
- There is no need to design for the hall and kitchen as it is, its ok. However consultation needed for furniture placement, etc

All in, ID Portion Ringgit Malaysia 800

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