Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good quality items to clear

As I moved in to the new place, I realised I have a lot of stuff. So now, I m taking the opportunity to clear. I have created another site to facilitate this as I dont want to "corrupt" this house-hold blog..hehehehe


Some of the items that may interest you:

Kitchen Item:
1) Coffee Maker
2) Juicer
3) Pyrax
4) Cutleries
5) Corningware

Handbags (new)
1) Coach
2) Gin & Jacqie

Baby Items:    
1) Baby Car Seat
2) Baby High Chair
3) Cloth Diapers

Feel free to browse around. Thank you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year folks. This blog is so rusty and well of cobwebs...Anyway I would like to wish everyone a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Chinese New Year. HUAT ar!!!!

Having a new home should means I should decorate it? I actually didnt have time or mood to decorate because our CNY is a simple affair, nothing extraordinary.

Here is my wall feature which I promised aeons ago. Plain. This wall is huge and a bit empty. So I decided this should be a "memory" wall whereby I will hang precious memories into this piece.

The ID selected a few stickers and allowed me to choose. In fact, besides sticker, she did recommend some other ideas. But I put-off the other ideas cos it will "create more work" know..something you need to dust/wipe

That's all for now.