Thursday, July 15, 2010

Design & Layout - Part 3/3

Soon, Eunice produced the 3D visuals for me. It took her less than 1 week. I had no issues on the waiting time.

My jaw dropped when she email-ed over. I even had to print it on color laser a3 size to see it on hard copy ;p

This is what I got. Enjoy

Master Bedroom
The bed (King size), I will buy separately
TV Console, to be built
Sliding door wardrobe, to be built
Bedside table, to be built
Fan, to be purchased
Aircon, existing
Plaster ceiling, existing
Additional lights to be added
Instead of curtain, I used blinds
TV, I limited to 32"

Master Bedroom Bath
100% makeover. Nothing from the old toilet used
New WC, new basin, tap, bath tub*, tiles, built in cabinets, etc

My son punya room
Curtains replaced with blinds
Beds- reused
Only thing new are: Carpentry works (shelves), the wardrobe is old one. New fan, fake plaster ceiling which was made by wood due to carpentry work. Added lighting. Add in stickers to make the room more boyish.
The reason why I didnt want a total makeover because, he is still young. If I spend $$ on it, later when he grows up and he dont like it how? Also, he is not toilet trained yet and if I buy another Nightingale (bed), and he urine...heartache. Furthermore, staying in a condo, very hard to sun-dry right.

This is a corner at the hallway. Instead of just a wall, I requested for carpentry work and the width to go parallel with the steps. So there are some display and some storage.

This is the shoe cabinet. Didnt waste any space. So built right-up. Top portion can double up as storage. I also had a space to put umbrellas which cant be seen here. The lower shelf is for daily wear shoes/slippers (those that used often) and the seat, is for the elderly or to place things, ie: your groceries, etc

So what's next from here?


  1. very nice, it is good to hire an I.D

  2. ok, 2 concerns here related to fengshui..

    1) master bedroom - no good if the mirror facing the bed (so prob can replace the mirror on the wardrobe to glossy finish surface instead?)

    2) shoes cabinet - shoes referring to something "dirty" so preferrable not higher than our height... guess can keep the design but dont put shoes over ur height loh

    by just 1 glance at the bathroom.. it looks similar to my bathroom.. hahahahah :)

  3. Very well-conceptualized! Simple and neat, sleek and modern, ngam my taste lah... I like :)

  4. WAH...LOVE your new bedroom. And of course your bathroom. Oh yeah...maybe in your shower area, you can build a concrete recess to put your shower gel etc. So that can press the shower gel on the concrete slab. And it is recess so that won't knock head.

    I regret not doing it in my bathroom!

  5. hi there!

    thanks for dropping by at my blog. i am indeed impressed with this makeover plans. next home i get, i WANT to get an ID! totally worth the money. (but dunno when i get a new home also, bah!)

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