Friday, July 30, 2010

Ikea Clock Project

Let's take a break from Renovation and talk about my recent home project. The first being - Ikea Clock Project.

I came to this lady's blog from somewhere and she is so talented in paper cutting. Her craft ideas are amazing too.

One of her post is on Clock Making. So I decided to follow suit!

Bought this from Ikea for less than RM4.00. Diameter about 20cm

Use a knife (I use ruler) to open the cover

Remove the cover
I got this sticker from Ikano for RM8.90. The sticker is "3D" a bit

Cut the sticker

and stick all over the clock

Verdict: I think over crowded. But WTH. Biar la....Siun la..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Request for Quotation- Part 3

Eunice and Yee came over for a discussion on the quotation. We walked through the quotation in detailed and they also bought the samples like the type of wood, the glass, the color scheme,etc.

After all the discussion, quite a big change. I added more stuff. So now the quotation ended as

Master Bath Room Makeover - rm8033.90 now 6275$, exclude sanitary fittings and tiles
2nd Bathroom                         - rm3865.40 now 3946$, exclude sanitary fittings and tiles
Grills                                      - rm900 no change
master bed room carpentry      - rm10,600 no change
hall carpentry                          - rm1780 no change
philip room carpentry              - rm280 now $830 because added fake plaster ceiling
shoe cabinet                          - rm2100 no change
wall paper                             - rm750 no change
3rd Room Door                     - rm780
shower screen for master bedroom - rm1100
grand total                            - rm29061

-COMMITMENT TO COMPLETE! I set the date for handover and they agreed. So we started work.

We also discuss on the payment, etc. For me, it was RM10k. Then the balance I paid when everything completed.

Since it is a CONDO, Yee also managed the condo management side.

I'll update the final pricing again after showing you all the work progress, photos of the place because as you know, in between we will have VARIATION ORDER (VO)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Request for Quotation- Part 2

I took the quotation given earlier and asked around. I checked with Joanna who was also renovating her bungalow. I also asked my office contractor and another designer/contractor.

Some comments or advice given:
- Price is not too high nor too low
- The price is of "designer's" rate - referring to carpentry
- Better to pay a good or higher price for water proofing as you dont want any "sau mei" / long term after effect. such as leakage or leakage to under condo units.
- Can ask for a overall total goodwill discount
- Asked for exact material used as the quotation mentioned hard wood. What is hard wood? can be ply, can be teak, can be oak...

- Overall, those whom I asked for feedback gave me the thumbs up.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Request for Quotation- Part 1

After I agreed to the drawings from here , of which it also didnt take a long time - probably 2-3 days, I told Eunice she can prepare the quotation for me.

Now, I waited for almost 3 weeks++ for the first initial quotation to came in. I was really wondering why does it take so long?

Some issues:
- It was post CNY and some people didnt start work yet??? *maybe* *my own assumption*
- Their suppliers couldnt give them the price on time ???? *but Eunice said she has her own panel of people* *own panel means regular* what took them so long?
- One reason is partly my fault. You see, I know of this very good Plumber and Electrician. He has been servicing my USJ prop for a long time. He is very honest fella and does not overcharge. Something I LIKE. So I told Eunice to contact him to do my renov for the Plumbing and Electrical part. So Eunice contacted him, waited for him, blah thing FORGOTTEN was, Eunice/Yee should ask "Can he commit for the job", rather than waiting n waiting.. at the end, he didnt take up the job due to a decision we made.

The first quotation came 3 weeks later and amounted to rm30k with change.
Master Bath Room Makeover - rm8033.90
2nd Bathroom                         - rm3865.40
Grills                                      - rm900
master bed room carpentry      - rm10,600
hall carpentry                          - rm1780
philip room carpentry              - rm280
shoe cabinet                          - rm2100
wall paper                             - rm750
grand total                            - rm28309

MasterBath Room included
- hack away all tiles, clear debris, water proof, lay new titles, tiles, vanity cabinet and storage cabinet
2nd Bathroom included
- hack away all tiles, clear debris, water proof, new tiles, tiles, storage cabinet
Grills included
- master bed room, 2nd bed room and 3rd bed room
Master bedroom carpentry included
- sliding wardrobe, tv console, bed side mirror
Hall is the storage cabinet
shoe is shoe
wall paper for master bed room

So what's next? Stay tune

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Design & Layout - Part 3/3

Soon, Eunice produced the 3D visuals for me. It took her less than 1 week. I had no issues on the waiting time.

My jaw dropped when she email-ed over. I even had to print it on color laser a3 size to see it on hard copy ;p

This is what I got. Enjoy

Master Bedroom
The bed (King size), I will buy separately
TV Console, to be built
Sliding door wardrobe, to be built
Bedside table, to be built
Fan, to be purchased
Aircon, existing
Plaster ceiling, existing
Additional lights to be added
Instead of curtain, I used blinds
TV, I limited to 32"

Master Bedroom Bath
100% makeover. Nothing from the old toilet used
New WC, new basin, tap, bath tub*, tiles, built in cabinets, etc

My son punya room
Curtains replaced with blinds
Beds- reused
Only thing new are: Carpentry works (shelves), the wardrobe is old one. New fan, fake plaster ceiling which was made by wood due to carpentry work. Added lighting. Add in stickers to make the room more boyish.
The reason why I didnt want a total makeover because, he is still young. If I spend $$ on it, later when he grows up and he dont like it how? Also, he is not toilet trained yet and if I buy another Nightingale (bed), and he urine...heartache. Furthermore, staying in a condo, very hard to sun-dry right.

This is a corner at the hallway. Instead of just a wall, I requested for carpentry work and the width to go parallel with the steps. So there are some display and some storage.

This is the shoe cabinet. Didnt waste any space. So built right-up. Top portion can double up as storage. I also had a space to put umbrellas which cant be seen here. The lower shelf is for daily wear shoes/slippers (those that used often) and the seat, is for the elderly or to place things, ie: your groceries, etc

So what's next from here?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Design & Layout - Part 2

After agreeing to the layout as per Part 1, Eunice then asked me, what type or style do I like?
She gave me a few to choose. Generally, she is asking what's my taste or what do I want.

So mine were
- must feel comfortable. After a hard day's work, I want to come back to a comfortable place
- must feel bright / natural
- design cannot be too modern or out of the world
- when people step in to the house, he/she must feel welcome

She then email me with a few concepts such as 

Of course when she gave the 5 styles, you would go wow..everyone also LIKE. So how do we go about it? So  I will tell her a mixture of this and that. Very indecisive hor? But I guess we are all human and we all like things that are nice right ;-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Design & Layout - Part 1

First thing first, to pass the developer's layout plan to the ID.

From there, she came to my house (USJ) to snap some photos. To see my lifestyle and what items (furniture) to re-use.

Then she came out with the layout and furniture placement. She came out with 2 options. From there I have to shortlist 1 and make further comments/changes.

From the layout, on the right hand side are the current furniture from my USJ reuse la. No point buying new. NO appreciation cost.

On the left, its her suggested placement.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Choosing the ID (Interior Designer) - Part 4/4

The coverage that I wanted Eunice to handle were
- Master Bed Room c/w cabinets, tv console
Reasoning: Because we do spend quite a good hours in the bedroom, the bedroom should be comfortable. I wanted another TV so that I dont have to fight with the little-fella.
- 2 Bathrooms
Reasoning: Current tiles were awful (although acceptable), but I wanted a fresh look
- 1 featured wall
Reasoning: The wall was plain. So adding some stickers and pictures to it
- 1 shoe cabinet
This is customized to maximize the area.
- 1 display cabinet
This is at a corner and instead of wasting the area, I added a cabinet to put stuff

- 2nd room (Philip's room) and study room to be minimal, and to use back old furniture.
- There is no need to design for the hall and kitchen as it is, its ok. However consultation needed for furniture placement, etc

All in, ID Portion Ringgit Malaysia 800

Friday, July 2, 2010

Choosing the ID (Interior Designer) - Part 3

I finally decided to engaged Debbie's friend, Eunice & Yee. In fact the designers dont even have a website or blog, and it was through Debbie's recommendation, Eunice decided to start a blog about her work.

So we started chatting and started discussing....We talked about
- what I wanted
... is it totally new, partial, carpentry work, etc
*note: do your homework. Browse around, read magazines, and see what type of design you like* There is the modern, the homely, the plain, the artistic, the "WOW"...*
** you must know what you want. But do you really think you know? So you must always ASK...ASK question....**

- the price
... you can opt for ID work only or ID work cum reno work whereby ID charges are waived? or ID fee + reno work at cost , based on the ID's role is the Project Manager
* in my case, I paid ID fee separately and Reno work separately. I would say 50% are based on cost/receipt like tangible items and the rest is workmanship (a quoted price)
** you may want to ask, can you use your own contractor? ie: your friend sells glass, and you want your friend to install shower screen for you. Or do you have to use the ID's panel?

- others
* when you can provide them your floor plan
** when they can view the place
*** what items you want to be in your new place? ie, any old furniture or important antique you want to be in your new place
**** how's the payment plan
***** what workers you have, local, foreign
****** who will take care of local authorities, building/design approval, etc
******* how about guarantee? ie you are not satisfy with workmanship? or the toilet is leaking after install..who bears, etc

I will write more in the posts to come.