Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ikea Photo-frame turn Earring Holder Project

Here is another project I did for the Home Sweet Home.

Got this photo frame at Ikea Mutiara Damansara. Cost: RM4.90

Open it up and assemble it.

In the original packaging, it comes with a plastic board. 
This is for you to stick your photo on it.

I got mosquito net, made out of aluminium. 
Its best to look for stainless steel type but could not find in my neighborhood stores

Use the plastic board that came with the photo-frame as a guide for sizing.
Just cut along the frame size.

Then insert to the frame

 Then start hanging your jewelries

Photo taken with red background

Photo taken with white background

Overall, I love this creation. Good as gifts.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Entah Apa-apa meal

I think I am hitting mid-life crisis. Because there are days that I rather DONT EAT than EAT because I just dont know what to EAT. I will search the entire kitchen for food (although there is food) but seems not appealing... Is this being fussy or just really a mid-life thing?

Anyway, come desperate times, desperate measures. Found a packet of noodles. I didn't use the seasoning cos its high in MSG. So I made the noodles.

Step 2: Add in whatever sauce I have.. again I m contradicting myself right..Seasoning from the noodle packet is MSG...this 2 bottles also has MSG ....*slap myself*

Step 3: Mix them with some seaweed and fried steam egg.

Dinner is served for me and me alone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

EPF A/C 2 Withdrawal - Part 1

Wow! I've left this blog un-touched for a long time. Well, I have some exciting topics to post, therefore I am returning to blogsphere. No point to blog about "mou-liu" or non-sensual stuff right ;p

One of the topics that I want to post is about our EPF A/c withdrawal.

As a working employee in Malaysia, your employer would need to contribute to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) or in Malaysia, Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP). Here is their website

When your employer contributes for you, your money will be split to 3 accounts, namely Account 1, Account 2 and Account 3. By right, as the fund says, this money is meant for your retirement. However in today's lifestyle, money is never sufficient. Raising debt is another concern.

Once your money is in EPF, it will automatically split to the 3 accounts.

For account 1, you cant withdraw the money until you are at retirement age. However exception is given for "investment". You can withdraw to a certain percentage for buying Unit Trust OR trade in our local stock market. Do note that whatever profit you make from the Unit Trust or Stock Market, you cannot withdraw. It will automatically plough back to your EPF Account 1.

For account 2, you can withdraw the money to buy your first house or 2nd house** or education..and many more.

For account 3, its for medical assistance.

This is a very basic explanation of our EPF System. Of course, to know more, you should always refer back to the EPF officers or their website.

Stay tune for Part 2 when I discussed more about my personal experience in withdrawing A/c 2 for my 2 houses.