Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Request for Quotation- Part 3

Eunice and Yee came over for a discussion on the quotation. We walked through the quotation in detailed and they also bought the samples like the type of wood, the glass, the color scheme,etc.

After all the discussion, quite a big change. I added more stuff. So now the quotation ended as

Master Bath Room Makeover - rm8033.90 now 6275$, exclude sanitary fittings and tiles
2nd Bathroom                         - rm3865.40 now 3946$, exclude sanitary fittings and tiles
Grills                                      - rm900 no change
master bed room carpentry      - rm10,600 no change
hall carpentry                          - rm1780 no change
philip room carpentry              - rm280 now $830 because added fake plaster ceiling
shoe cabinet                          - rm2100 no change
wall paper                             - rm750 no change
3rd Room Door                     - rm780
shower screen for master bedroom - rm1100
grand total                            - rm29061

-COMMITMENT TO COMPLETE! I set the date for handover and they agreed. So we started work.

We also discuss on the payment, etc. For me, it was RM10k. Then the balance I paid when everything completed.

Since it is a CONDO, Yee also managed the condo management side.

I'll update the final pricing again after showing you all the work progress, photos of the place because as you know, in between we will have VARIATION ORDER (VO)

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