Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BYOB Green Concepts

I first heard about BYOB through Sasha' blog.
So what is this BYOB? Read here

In Summary:
1) Keep all your bottles at home, be it shampoo, soft drink bottles, mineral water, etc.
2) Bring to BYOB outlet in Cheras. Hope they will open in PJ soon. I took me 1 hour ++, a few tolls from USJ to reach BYOB
3) In BYOB, their min order is 1Liter per type of detergent. If you go to the FB page, they will list all their available detergents
4) Pay

This is what I bought. Guess how much?
1) 2L of Mop & Shine (for mopping tiles)- will have shiner effect
2) 1L Dettol (to kill bacteria / toilet cleaning)
3) 1L Fabric Detergent
4) 2L Clothes Detergend (Liquid form)
5) 1L Shower Gel

So why BYOB?
1) Because we can re-use the bottles
2) Because its so much cheaper. For the above, if I spent it in Cosway, I will be paying RM69.30. Now I only pay RM16.20
3) The ingredients used in the detergents are biodegradable and save to the earth. Natural ingredients will be slowly introduced.

Monday, February 20, 2012

CNY Ideas from Casahana

Every year, without fail, I will purchase goodies from Casahana because I find their packaging very attractive and easy to managed. All I have to do is pop 2 or 4 mandarin oranges and I am set to give it away for family and friends. I think I have done this for the past 4 yrs???

They have different designs and this year, I remembered to snap photos. I did it just before leaving..at the car..hahaha

This cute little paper hand-bag. Inside contains Oriental Softcake.

You can just carry the paper handbag or put it in another paperbag which the vendor gave. 
Put in 2 or 4 or 6 oranges and you are good to go


This is a RM15 box with cookies and tea.

Next year, I look forward to their new designs.
Note: I wrote this out of my own experience and because its a good thing, I share :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Playground at Citta Mall

Citta Mall at Ara Damansara is one of the newer malls in the Klang Valley. I go to this mall regularly because it still provides FREE Parking and usually ample parking too. This mall dont have many tenants yet. Some of the regular cafes I go are McD, PappaRich, Wondermilk and Subway. Besides I go to Jaya Grocer for some grocery marketing too. One day, I decided to walk the entire mall..to visit every shop. Then I came across Julia Gabriels - an enrichment centre and also a kindy and I found A Parent's Room for Children below 6yo. Naturally I went straight to the parent's room because it means it provided rest for me.

Very nicely renovated washroom. but not suitable for kids. See, the soap dispenser...
a child wont be able to reach. 

Very cosy room. No chair for adults to sit. But can sit on the floor. I can frequent this place until P is 6yo. LOL

Friday, February 3, 2012

Big thanks - to Nuffnang and Nippon Paint

I received an email from Nuffnang office saying that I won a prize from one of my blog entries sometime back. (more like May2011)

Of course, my confidence shot up again cos I thought this entry was made so long ago. Nevertheless, thank you. I never expected it and now, I just love surprises.

I was in KL for work the other day and I decided to pick the prize up.

This was what I got.

Isnt he cute?

Once again, thanks Nippon Paint and Nuffnang for the opportunity.