Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Choosing the ID (Interior Designer) - Part 2

My criteria for choosing my ID

1) must be IT-savvy (ie: knows how to use mms, sms, email, scanning, yahoo messaging...)
  • After I found a few Ids, the first thing I did was to email them. Then I waited for the response. From there you will know the response time.
  • MMS is very crucial because Id or myself will snap photos our mobile and we exchange message immediately..ie: sourcing for bed, fittings, etc
  • Instant Chat Messaging..so that we can chat on-the-spot. Because I am office-based, getting my boss to see me on the phone all the time is not so nice. So chatting must work!
2) turn around time less than 2 working days
  • I guess nowadays, where technology is so advance, people getting more and more impatient... we cannot wait. *I will blog later about turnaround time on other matters later*
3) smaller company so that they can eye for detail
  • Bigger companies are good too, as they will have more resources. But more resources means they will accept more jobs to sustain. I chose a smaller company, and this is a couple-show. They probably take 1 job at a time.
  • Also, choose a local ID, at least they know places, the roads, the bargains.
4) of course, availability to take up the job
  • I checked with them if they are ok with the time-frame set. Some of them are reluctant due to CNY, no workers, jobs at hand...
5) passionate about what they are doing
  • Some people are in the business because they applied for a job and they got the job. Its a JOB. But this couple, they are passionate in what they are doing. They love their job or they love what they are doing.
6) ability to show some past projects with pictures and referrals
  • Ask for past projects with pictures, the before and after. Ask for referrals too like, can I contact them... if those who cannot provide details, then its better off not to engage them. Normally the ID will ask their client consent before passing the info to you.
7) speaks the same language
  • Must find one that really know what you want, what is your expectation. Those ID with experience normally will hit the bull eyes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Choosing the ID (Interior Designer) - Part 1

For my USJ house, I didnt have the luxury for an Interior Designer. More so, in early 2000, getting an ID is only for the rich. Being single, young, "starting-out", I decided to use my own creativity to do up the house. I relied on Ikea and overseas magazines a lot.

This time round, I decided to go for an ID. As I am not familiar in this industry, the best thing to do was to google. So I google-d around but there was very little info on ID in Malaysia. Also, I didnt had time to visit those home expos in MV or PWTC.

Thus, I asked, surveyed, google-d...and I found

http://meridiandesign.blogspot.com/ - googled and found out Joanna also used her
http://33y33y.blogspot.com/ - recommendation from Debbie
http://www.spacematrix.com.my/ Space Matrix in Damansara Jaya - recommendation from friend.

Because I am quite busy at work, I needed info on the spot. Thankfully, I had Joanna (http://familyfirst3.blogspot.com/), Agnes (http://agnes-luvofmylife.blogspot.com/) and Debbie. (http://luvdebbie.com/) Thank you for the bloggers. They were also renovating their house and I thank God for knowing them and they gave a lot of valuable info and advise to me.

Ps: Agnes' blog is private. I guess if you want to read her blog, please let me know.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Italiannies, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

This lady, a very helpful and nice person informed via facebook that Italiannies eatery at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya will be having its opening promotion. So what's the promotion?


So on a Monday at work, I told my colleagues and we made the bookings. Guess what, our lunch time has been brought forward to 11.30 am. That the time we were given. So off we went in high speed as we made reservations and confirmed at 11.20 am only.

Once we reached there, the restaurant was still empty. The 4 of us were split to 2 tables as they (the management) wanted to trial run the business. So I sat with my colleague Mr Leong..and at the same time can have department meeting la...ahahahhaha

This is what we had
The bread.
This is given FOC /On the house with their vinegar and olive oil
We were also given "monopoly" money to pay ehehehehe how fun.
The menu to choose from
My fizzy drink.
In future, just order 1 softdrink or Ice lemon tea as its free refill
This is yum. I like this a lot. 9 pieces of shrimp.
And this portion is good for 2. *tip*

Their pizza
Showing you the portion size..

This is NOT a paid post. Just sharing information and sometimes there is free lunch ;p