Monday, July 19, 2010

Request for Quotation- Part 1

After I agreed to the drawings from here , of which it also didnt take a long time - probably 2-3 days, I told Eunice she can prepare the quotation for me.

Now, I waited for almost 3 weeks++ for the first initial quotation to came in. I was really wondering why does it take so long?

Some issues:
- It was post CNY and some people didnt start work yet??? *maybe* *my own assumption*
- Their suppliers couldnt give them the price on time ???? *but Eunice said she has her own panel of people* *own panel means regular* what took them so long?
- One reason is partly my fault. You see, I know of this very good Plumber and Electrician. He has been servicing my USJ prop for a long time. He is very honest fella and does not overcharge. Something I LIKE. So I told Eunice to contact him to do my renov for the Plumbing and Electrical part. So Eunice contacted him, waited for him, blah thing FORGOTTEN was, Eunice/Yee should ask "Can he commit for the job", rather than waiting n waiting.. at the end, he didnt take up the job due to a decision we made.

The first quotation came 3 weeks later and amounted to rm30k with change.
Master Bath Room Makeover - rm8033.90
2nd Bathroom                         - rm3865.40
Grills                                      - rm900
master bed room carpentry      - rm10,600
hall carpentry                          - rm1780
philip room carpentry              - rm280
shoe cabinet                          - rm2100
wall paper                             - rm750
grand total                            - rm28309

MasterBath Room included
- hack away all tiles, clear debris, water proof, lay new titles, tiles, vanity cabinet and storage cabinet
2nd Bathroom included
- hack away all tiles, clear debris, water proof, new tiles, tiles, storage cabinet
Grills included
- master bed room, 2nd bed room and 3rd bed room
Master bedroom carpentry included
- sliding wardrobe, tv console, bed side mirror
Hall is the storage cabinet
shoe is shoe
wall paper for master bed room

So what's next? Stay tune

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  1. OK i will stay tuned,by adding you to my blog, is that all right with you?