Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Test Honey

I m getting more and more into food these days huh..ehhehehe.

Someone from the fb page informed me how to test real honey or pure honey with no added sugar or syrup.

Scoop some honey and leave it out. Wait.  Wait for ants to come. If a lot of ants, means its NOT Pure honey. If no ants or if ant tried to come and drown itself..its GOOD honey.

Hence, I quickly tried out this 1kg honey bought from my trip at rm100. Thank God I got this honey for free. If  its not genuine, I will give this away. Serious. I am on a health journey and I dont want to laden my body will more artificial or sweet stuff.

Got from my recent Phuket trip

I spoon-ed out honey on a plastic and left it overnight. 
I got very worried because I am afraid my whole kitchen to be infested by ants. 

As soon as I got up, I quickly went to see. Phew. Thank God.
All alright. 

So go try and let me know your findings :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yes, I am consuming tons of fruits and vegs nowadays. Trying to have a more balance food intake. I mainly blend them because I "feel" I can consumed more by drinking than chewing.

So blessed to have friends to assist me to buy cheap fruits.

First round was HL. and subsequently, I join the R&R moms on Fruits Group Buy.

Paid rm87 

Paid rm42

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Miso Paste

Thanks to a group of ladies. I found out that I can use Miso paste for so many other dishes besides Miso soup.

I chanced upon an organic one, paste type (not powdered) in NHF inside Tesco Paradigm Mall.

So I bought a tub. I have been using it for my seasoning and hence hardly any drop of salt use in my dishes for almost 3-4 months? I have made porridge, cantonese gong fu chow, salad and stir fries.

I dont need to use a lot and found a way to store it.

Ice tray with covers

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I got "Spinn"-ed

Hahahahaha sorry folks for this title. Let me explained.

I posted on my fb page that my bag have some dark patches and asked where to go? A few replied and recommended SPINN. Spinn Launderette Services.

So I took the chance to visit the branch instead of the usual email/call because I wanted to be very sure if they knew their stuff and also allowed me to assess this co. I went to the one in USJ and they claimed to be the HQ. Whatever. Not important.

Showed them the bag and they said can be done. Left the bag there for almost 3-4 weeks. Got a call and said, it cannot be done.

Then they suggested to do "Color Restore". So I went over again to discuss. Technically "Restore" means remain the same color. But in their definition, its change of color and to any color I wanted. I them said to "restore" to this pair of shoes I have. I even gave 1 side of the shoes to them so that I can have a nice brand new bag.

In shop, discussion on the color. He said this is BLUE! I never pressured them to complete the work fast. I told them to follow my Chanels.

Anyway, here is the new restore bag.

I am sure a 3 year old can tell that its not near the color at all. I paid RM300 for this. I wanted to reject this. The lady said, if you LOOKED CLEARLY, its blue. But aiyo, my friends, will you look clearly into this bag if I take out for shopping?