Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Request for Quotation- Part 2

I took the quotation given earlier and asked around. I checked with Joanna who was also renovating her bungalow. I also asked my office contractor and another designer/contractor.

Some comments or advice given:
- Price is not too high nor too low
- The price is of "designer's" rate - referring to carpentry
- Better to pay a good or higher price for water proofing as you dont want any "sau mei" / long term after effect. such as leakage or leakage to under condo units.
- Can ask for a overall total goodwill discount
- Asked for exact material used as the quotation mentioned hard wood. What is hard wood? can be ply, can be teak, can be oak...

- Overall, those whom I asked for feedback gave me the thumbs up.


  1. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. Seems like lots going on for your new home. when are you moving in? Guess we will be staying in the same area then. ; ) OK, if you can help me buy the sticker albums but how do I meet you?

  2. cant wait to see ur new house ler...

    it is better to get quotation from ur contractor in black n white and signed by them...list of materials and price...

  3. Very good advice to help you along. Can't wait to see the end product!

  4. oh, all the things are expensive now