Monday, July 12, 2010

Design & Layout - Part 2

After agreeing to the layout as per Part 1, Eunice then asked me, what type or style do I like?
She gave me a few to choose. Generally, she is asking what's my taste or what do I want.

So mine were
- must feel comfortable. After a hard day's work, I want to come back to a comfortable place
- must feel bright / natural
- design cannot be too modern or out of the world
- when people step in to the house, he/she must feel welcome

She then email me with a few concepts such as 

Of course when she gave the 5 styles, you would go wow..everyone also LIKE. So how do we go about it? So  I will tell her a mixture of this and that. Very indecisive hor? But I guess we are all human and we all like things that are nice right ;-)


  1. I'll faint if given too many designs. Won't be able to decide!!! :D

  2. just choose the one that u feel at ease.

  3. Rachel, flowers a lot, eyes confusing.. (far toh ngan luin) LOL.. hope u decide something you like soon!

  4. ya i would mix and match too ;)

  5. i like metro chic and minimalist. good luck with your home interior designs!