Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peking Duck at Di-Wei, Empire Shopping Gallery

Got to know this from smallkucing.
Then brought my customer there for makan.
Then brought my supplier there for makan.
Will go again cos their promotion still on.

1 Peking Duck at RM39.90. Skin part only
Then the meat, cook dishes at RM15.00
Then to make soup, RM10.00
Balance, you can ta-pau too.

Overall Di-Wei's food is not bad. Taste wise is good
But portion is small and considered fine dining.
Will only go when they have promotion otherwise its too expensive for the weekly meal.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Raw Brocolli Soup

Failure :(
Texture was right
Preparation method was right
I just didnt get used to the raw smell. If I can "tahan", then this is a good bowl of Raw Soup

Then Blend Together. Added toast bread.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Simple Comfort Food

This was done in 10 min.
Of course before that, do defroze your fish first. (Fish was de-scaled, cleaned. So I just have to remove from freezer)

Start of count down in 10 mins
Step 1: Put water in steamer and wait for it to boil.
Step 2: While waiting to be boil, cut tomatoes, ginger, rub fish with salt/pepper, sesame oil, garlic
Step 3: Put a little water in metal plate
Step 4: Put Mee-hoon
Step 5: Put fish
Step 6: Steam for 10 mins with cover lid.
Step 7: Set timer.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Buying Fresh Seafood

Lazy people like me *LOVES* to hunt for convenience buying. You will NEVER expect me in a wet market at 6am to buy produce.

I was introduced to M25 online recently and they fly in Sabah seafood. I have purchased twice. Usually I buy Bawal Putih (cos less bones). I would love to have Salmon and COD but they are not from deep sea and hence, not available from Sabah.

M25 will provide cleaning of the fish. Hence when you want to cook, just defroze and its good to cook.

2 pieces of Bawal Putih (total weight 0.5 kg)
0.5kg headless prawns
Nga Toh Fish (about 0.5 kg)
I paid RM100 for this.

Worth it?

They are located in TTDI. Order via sms, email or call. Then you swing by to collect.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fresh Figs

I was introduced to fresh figs by a friend. I fell in love with this fruit. This fruit has it own nutritional values and one should not miss this fruit. I got it wholesaler at 1.90 each where else supermarkets were selling them 8.99 each.

 The skin also can be eaten.
The texture like slimy-ish

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Instant Loo!

Ever you feel bloated, constipated or just feel you want to detox, try taking Wheatgrass juice. I always get mine from Juiceworks at rm3.50 . Just a shot (tiny cup)
DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH as it will cause you to have diarehea. Everytime I am at the mall, I will go to this kiosk n take a shot before leaving for home. Once I reach home, I will have a smooth loo-time :p