Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oil Cleansing Method for face...

Have you ever wondered, in ancient times where research was almost nil, technology none and only probably the rich had some luxury.. those labourers.. where did they get their health info from? Where do they look too? I am sure they did fall sick, I am sure they did know how to survive.. but where? Surely must be from somewhere..WHERE?

My believe is NATURE. They probably go back to what they have all along like herbs, trees, flowers, animals right?

So I came upon Joyce's blog recently on Oil Cleansing Method and this is absolutely natural :) and at the same time, another mom, Sherynn Ooi posted on her facebook. Talking about right timing.

So what is OCM? Click here 

I decided to do this too and I ordered my stuff from Do note, you dont need big bottles cos the usage is very little.

I got Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Witch Hazel. 
The Witch Hazel is not mentioned in OCM 
but I found it in Iherb store and I personally know this product and wanted it ;-) 

Free Gift.

My orders arrived safely exactly taking 14 days inclusive of weekend.

and I tried it on the same night and I felt the face a little tighter. I am still in the beginning stage and will be more diligent to do the routines every 3 days.