Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charity Begins At Home

Yes, this is the 2nd time Philip and myself put some noble act together.

The first was in year 2009 when we went to Good Samaritan Home in Klang with the car club I was associated with. I donated cash and the organising committee went and bought stuff for the home. I went to visit the home to see the conditions, the children, the welfare, etc. Most important was to teach/educate Philip about these people.

Then this year, a blogger friend, Dinah posted about WAO (Women Aids Organisation) in Malaysia also in need of stuff. Immediately I took up the offer to get some stuff for them. Instead of cash, I purchased some pillows for the home. This is my little contribution :)

Some photos taken from Dinah's blog.
Dinah's car filled with stuff
Over-flow till the front n back seats too ;p

The people at WAO

If you are keen to donate or purchase items for WAO, please get in touch with them.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Master Bedroom Bath

This is the makeover for the Master Bedroom Bathroom.


1) can you see the extreme right hand side? Its light blue fan-fold door
2) The loo, wash basin, plastic shower screen, glass sticker, tiles were all removed

Click here for the ID's drawing.

In Progress:

1) Hacking everything off
2) Repositioning of the WC (some plumbing work)


Entrance to the new makeover bathroom/toilet

1) Change to 2 fold vanity door

Hope you like my selection of tiles from Guocera
2. Sorry for the messy top. Its still messy. I guess I am just "normal" right..
3. Re-do / add some lights and power points
4. Of course, new wash basin, tap, wc, water heater

1) utilised the entire wall and made it a mirror and one part of it storage
2) Instead of plastic shower screen, used glass to have the "hotel" look

1) Played with different "earth-tone" tile colors
2) Be a little environmental friendly by choosing WC with half and full flush

Issued face:
1) This is a positive problem. The water pressure in this condo is SUPER STRONG! So my water heater cannot heat up the water cos the pressure. I'm the type who love strong pressure hot water showers!!! So I've not found a solution yet. If I want really hot water, all I need to do is to switch off the pump. By doing so, I have slow water with hot water. If I want strong water, its cold/luke warm.

2) The 2nd problem is the wash basin tap. Similar to Bathroom2, we bought the wrong size. So everytime I put my head down, I will hit the tap.

BTW, I apologise as I am not a professional photographer and I just snap the photos as it is. Very sorry for the messiness, like not clearing the counter top, putting down the toilet seat, closing the shower screen, etc In fact, I love this toilet! Just compare the BEFORE and now...hehehehe

Thanks for reading