Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raw & Rock (Part 2)

So what's the hype about this?

I have so intrigued by this video. The magic bullet.

At the same time, I didnt know Shimono was the exact same machine sold in Malaysia. I have seen Shimono at many shopping complexes but never really paid attention cos at that time, I was not interested. I already have 3 BLENDERS at home (Kenwood, Philips and Panasonic). Why needed another one?

BTW, Shimono blender can be found in 1U near Annies Snack shop. Shop name "Live It Up" or in inside Subang Parade Parkson Ground floor.

And at the same time, I just got to know some ladies from the Raw Food Today club and they were talking about Shimono. So the more they were talking about it, the more I then took interest.

When I did the Green Smoothies challenge with Tera Warner , day 1 I used my rusty Panasonic blender. I didnt like it at all. So pulpy (you know, it did not blend like water/liquid) and I had a hard time gulping down. day 2, I cheated and started using my Breville.

Then of course, I learned a lot from the RFT group and began to venture out. So coming to 2 months, I have been juicing and blending every day. YES EVERYDAY.

There is no hard and fast rule to the recipe. Any combination is good

Below video, Basil Leaf + Water + Honey.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Money Matters

Call me weird?
Call me Kiam Siap? (stingy)
Call me generous?

When my son goes to the Indian Barber and get his hair cut, the price for a hair cut is RM7. I usually give RM10 and told the guy to keep the change. Why? I know how hard getting an income these days and how many heads do they cut a day? Maybe less than 20? 20 pax x RM10 = RM200. Have to pay worker, rental, utilities....

But 5 cents can put me off easily. Was at Kung Fu Paradise in Paradigm Mall and the cashier short change me. She didnt pay me the 5 cents! and I had to challenge her and she said " ok ok la. You want me to give you back" OMG. She is expected to give exact change (I believe that's her JD) and yet got the cheek to ask me, you want me to give you? Imagine she did that to all her customer...maybe 50 customers a day? That's RM5 bucks. I scolded her and at the end, I told her to keep the 5 cents. I hope this woke her up and make her conscious of her doings.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Maxis Home Fibre Internet

And so...I signed up for this.
I was not even aware of this promotion until I fine day, I had to walk in to maxis to "turn table" regarding my other subscription with them.

This package is really attractive. If you are a 1MB streamyx customer, you will definitely jump for this because you are getting 10MB (10x more) at a mere extra RM8.

I was CON to sign up immediately (good sales talk). After signing the dotted lines, I was told it will take 10-2 weeks for installation. Before you do sign up ASK

1) Any hacking or cabling done? What type of plastic casing use, Any extra / additional charges
2) What if after installation and I do not get the 10MB as promised. Can I terminate without penalty
3) Will Maxis blame TM if Internet is down (I asked this because during the sales talk, Maxis is riding on TM infrastructure- on my building)
4) Can this Home Bill be tied to your current Maxis Subscription (in my case, I dont want to receive 3 different bills from Maxis. Instead I asked them to consolidate to 1) and of course, other standard questions you ask can be found on their FAQ

Within the 10 days period to installation, I probably received 5 CALLS and 3 SMSes from Maxis regarding my appointment (GOOD SERVICE).

Came the actual installation day. 4 JUNE.
Maxis technician turned up LATE. (minus 1 point),
Never call to inform. (minus 1 point)
Courtesy to apologise - YES

Then TM Technicians - LAGI LATE. 9.30 am was my appointment. Came at 11.30am !@#$%
I told the Maxis guy. I m signing the lines with MAXIS and not TM. Hence Maxis should take full ownership.

4 guys in my apartment and they CANNOT GET IT WORKING
- I wasted RM192 opportunity cost. I took 0.5 days leave.

Reminds me why we need 4 men to change a bulb

and before they left, TM said, SYSTEM PROBLEM. So they had to connect back my streamyx.

After that, another WAIT till 15 JUNE. This round, the Maxis guy was on time, a different guy. TM guy came LATE AGAIN!!!!!! but they managed to settle everything.

I told myself, I will terminate the service if they cannot get it up the 2nd round.

2nd Round, only 2 men came. 

See the speed: Download 11.72 Mbps
Upload 5.90
Taken 22 June

Now, I am speeding on very much!!! like my German Bf too =)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Book: Heaven is for real

My mom told me about this book and she told me the story. She said she will get me the book but somehow we didnt get down to it. Then I saw that Lynn has this book. So I quickly ask her to lend me. and she did =)
It took me less than 48 hours to complete cover to cover as this book is interesting. "Its like you cant put down type. You really wanted to know more and more"

Its about a boy who had an emergency and was operated. During that moment, he was taken to heaven for a brief 3 min (in our time), not God's time. and he saw many things in heaven and his parents wrote down in the book.

After reading, I reaffirmed in my faith in God and I continue to see Heaven is actually real. Many years back, I read and listen to another series "Heaven is real" by a Korean-American lady. Some of the words that struck me back then still lingers in my mind/heart till today. One of it is abortion. She said, God told her that he is extremely angry and upset with people who abort their babies. and when this boy in Heaven Is for real said God really really really loves Children, I could understand the relationship.

Do grab this book to read to all my Christian friends or non-Christian friends too. May this be an opener for you. God Bless.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Before you throw.... (2)

This round, in the office. I was in the pantry and I saw in the bin, 1 biscuit box and 1 cereal box. I quickly salvage them and bring it home.

They are not filmsy packaging. I would say, its good to last maybe a long time if we took good care. So I decided to use it for..

Econpack Cereal Box (huge)
Cut to 2.
 Use clear tape and stick all corners
* strengthen it more*

Lined with alum foil

Now its 2 bottle trays

Monday, June 18, 2012

Before you throw...

Annoys me max when I see "useful" stuff being thrown away.
Before you throw anything next time, ask yourself, what can you do with this item, that item?
*i m not here to show off*. I feel that we are pampered and taking things for granted.

Last night, I went to thrash and I saw this in the garbage room
*note, I stay in a condo and every floor will have a garbage room*

This is a 5.5L bottle. You know, a bottle can be re-use in so many ways. So I quickly sneaked back this bottle to my unit and I am preparing to bring it to BYOB.

Let's say, you dont bring it to BYOB, you can of course wash it clean and use it to refill water, cut the bottle up to put stuff...and many more. *leave to your creativity*

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Google Adsense

I applied or should I say, I tried inserting the Google Adsense widget to this blog. However I got rejected by Google because they said, this site is Unacceptable Site Content. Huh????? A lovely-dovey home sharing experience is considered inappropriate to Google's view???

Anyway cant do much right if they want to reject. I am already thankful for this free blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting RAW & Rock!!

Somehow, my weight went skyrocket HIGH! Once upon a time (year 2003), I was 64kg. That time, I considered myself very "Happy". From 2004-2009 my weight was between 50kg-55kg. Now, its back to 64kg. I dont know how the weight got into me as I dont seem to be as happy before and I have aged. I have tried to eat less, but still does not work.

One thing I do know is, I must eat healthy and must eat natural food as much as possible. So I began to hunt. I stumbled upon Tera Warmers site and from there, I got to know the Raw Food Today fb page and some amazing people who support of eating natural and healthy food.

Something easily done at home is juicing and I used this for meal replacements.

Here are two videos I took...*hiks hiks* cos when I wanted to purchase the Shimono, I tried googling for reviews..but sadly none in Asia context.

Do note: the two videos ARE NOT EDITED. Its as original as can be. Just sharing from a lay-man day-to-day person on juicing