Friday, July 2, 2010

Choosing the ID (Interior Designer) - Part 3

I finally decided to engaged Debbie's friend, Eunice & Yee. In fact the designers dont even have a website or blog, and it was through Debbie's recommendation, Eunice decided to start a blog about her work.

So we started chatting and started discussing....We talked about
- what I wanted
... is it totally new, partial, carpentry work, etc
*note: do your homework. Browse around, read magazines, and see what type of design you like* There is the modern, the homely, the plain, the artistic, the "WOW"...*
** you must know what you want. But do you really think you know? So you must always ASK...ASK question....**

- the price
... you can opt for ID work only or ID work cum reno work whereby ID charges are waived? or ID fee + reno work at cost , based on the ID's role is the Project Manager
* in my case, I paid ID fee separately and Reno work separately. I would say 50% are based on cost/receipt like tangible items and the rest is workmanship (a quoted price)
** you may want to ask, can you use your own contractor? ie: your friend sells glass, and you want your friend to install shower screen for you. Or do you have to use the ID's panel?

- others
* when you can provide them your floor plan
** when they can view the place
*** what items you want to be in your new place? ie, any old furniture or important antique you want to be in your new place
**** how's the payment plan
***** what workers you have, local, foreign
****** who will take care of local authorities, building/design approval, etc
******* how about guarantee? ie you are not satisfy with workmanship? or the toilet is leaking after install..who bears, etc

I will write more in the posts to come.


  1. wow...alot to consider also! Hope everything goes smoothly now that you have the ID choosen!

  2. Ann, we have moved in and settled down. Now is the unpacking and decorating ;p

  3. Pst.. can let me know how much you paid for the ID work?
    So your unit is in Amaya?