Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Preloved Kipling Bags Up For Sale

This post will be constantly updated. Those sold will be removed accordingly.

I have 7 more bags to let go. 2 has been reserved.
and I accidentally deleted my post content. Sigh. So I will only show u, the 7 bags. More details, please email me at racheljtle @ gmail. com   ok?

BAG 1:

Original Price RM309
Now @ RM155
size : W 8”
H 8”
Base 3”

BAG 2 
Original Price RM399
NOW @ RM200
Size : H 6”
W11”  excluded the 2 pockets @ de both left and right side
Base 5"


Original Price RM409
NOW @ RM205
Size : W 10”
H 11”
Base expand to about 5”

BAG 4 

Original Price RM369
Now @ RM166
Size :
W 14”
H 8.5”
Base 4”

BAG 5 (Tentative reserved for Irene until she views the item)

Original Price RM369
Now @ RM166
Size : W 11.5”
H 9”
Base 5”

Bag 6
Original Price RM339
NOW @ RM153
Size : W 13”
H 8.5”
Base 3.5”

Bag 7 (Tentative reserve for Sue until she views the items)
Original Price RM160
NOW @ RM75
waist porch
Size : W 11”
H 5”
Triangle Top Cover 3”
THANKS. Looking forward in serving you soon.


  1. Hi Little Lamb, they all look nice. I like the red one, last pic.
    Hope you doing well in your business. Best regards, Lee.

  2. wuah...u r really a kipling fan huh??
    just like i'm a CD fan, hahaha