Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Masterbedroom - Part 3

The full-height wardrobe

To design this, it took a lot of effort! Just the design alone, it has many revisions, at least 20 times!!

Because it was so customize, both ID and myself also forgotten about practicality. When the quote came, it for one 1 wardrobe. How the inside of the wardrobe looked like is up to me. So we started with a basic drawing and end up changing up to 15-20 times I think.

So came the day where I started to put my clothes and I realised..darn the wardrobe is too high. I cant get my clothes. I had to tip toe... I also realised, I needed more drawer space. Anyway I got those Ikea boxes too.

The final drawing after sooooooo many rounds

In Progress

3 panel sliding wardrobe.

First panel

Second and Third Panel

Things to take note:
1) The quoted price for the wardrobe is "designer's" price. Not factory or retail type. So my expectation were..since the price were higher..then
a) quality should be good.
b) the wardrobe, 1st handover, the clothes holder were like dropping because clothes too heavy n the rod seems to be causing a "u" shape. So the ID took it back and re-do it.
c) on 2 occasions, the ID took back the door to make the door more solids, the mirror to hold stronger n also change all colored mirror to the same color.
d) on a few patches, the workmanship was very bad. Although I can accept it, but ID insist to take back.
e) if you are doing your own design, better ask urself or take measuring tape n go to the actual site . Because on paper, it looks small, but real..its huge. That why I had to tip toe to get my stuff.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Masterbedroom - Part 2

Blinds for the master bedroom

Like the 2nd bedroom, I installed blinds. I got them from Maxtrack.

Jaya 1
Contact: Ms Mizhzel @

First blind (zebra): rm750
2nd blind: rm300

The Id and myself went to Maxtrack to select the blinds. We came across the zebra blinds whereby we can have 2 tones. After installing the zebra, I realised that the sun coming thru is still bright. I cant sleep in after 9am. LOL. To refresh yourself about Zebra blinds, pls read here

So I went and got a black-out blind as the 2nd layer. The color matches the zebra and the room perfectly.

During the 2nd blind installation, the workers probably wanted an easy and fast job, so they installed the black-out blind as the outer layer and the nice decorative zebra blind behind. So common sense will say it is NOT NICE. So I made some noise and the workers came back for 2nd time to rectify the issue. No extra charges and problem solved :)

This is where it is installed

First layer, the zebra. You can see the lights from outside.
Like a transparent sheet

2 blinds being installed. The black-out on the outer layer (front)
Close up

After rectification, this is final product
When I need the sun, I just pull/retract the black-out blind.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Masterbedroom - Part 1

Very sorry for the long silence.
There is so much I want to talk about the master bedroom. There are good and bad. So, let's start with the easy one.

Wall Paper.

The quotation from the ID included the wall-paper.
The selection of the wall paper was entirely up to the ID
The installation of the wall paper was disastrous

At the end, the ID painted back the wall, remove the wall paper fee.
The outsource company providing this probably had a big lost because they installed it twice or thrice if not mistaken. But since the end result was not satisfying, I didnt want to accept

Two concerns when getting wall-paper
- The wall must be on a smooth surface and of the same level
- Those who installed the wall paper must be seasoned and not a fresh guy out there. I mean, get a SI-fu

First Time Install. Can you see the bubbles?

The bedwall.

2nd Time. Actually I can accept cos no one can see.
But then, based on a the ID, he said he cant accept such lousy work

I asked Joanna if her wall paper were like mine and she said mine was totally unacceptable.

So as you can see, final product, no more wall paper. Painted back cream color.

Again, sorry for the messiness.

Btw, I do not know which supplier my ID used for the wall-paper. Anyhow, I dont like the contractor because they did a lousy job and they also spoiled some of my household item like table and broom. Too bad I dont know the name of the company. Otherwise I would have list it here.

Coming up next, Blinds

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charity Begins At Home

Yes, this is the 2nd time Philip and myself put some noble act together.

The first was in year 2009 when we went to Good Samaritan Home in Klang with the car club I was associated with. I donated cash and the organising committee went and bought stuff for the home. I went to visit the home to see the conditions, the children, the welfare, etc. Most important was to teach/educate Philip about these people.

Then this year, a blogger friend, Dinah posted about WAO (Women Aids Organisation) in Malaysia also in need of stuff. Immediately I took up the offer to get some stuff for them. Instead of cash, I purchased some pillows for the home. This is my little contribution :)

Some photos taken from Dinah's blog.
Dinah's car filled with stuff
Over-flow till the front n back seats too ;p

The people at WAO

If you are keen to donate or purchase items for WAO, please get in touch with them.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Master Bedroom Bath

This is the makeover for the Master Bedroom Bathroom.


1) can you see the extreme right hand side? Its light blue fan-fold door
2) The loo, wash basin, plastic shower screen, glass sticker, tiles were all removed

Click here for the ID's drawing.

In Progress:

1) Hacking everything off
2) Repositioning of the WC (some plumbing work)


Entrance to the new makeover bathroom/toilet

1) Change to 2 fold vanity door

Hope you like my selection of tiles from Guocera
2. Sorry for the messy top. Its still messy. I guess I am just "normal" right..
3. Re-do / add some lights and power points
4. Of course, new wash basin, tap, wc, water heater

1) utilised the entire wall and made it a mirror and one part of it storage
2) Instead of plastic shower screen, used glass to have the "hotel" look

1) Played with different "earth-tone" tile colors
2) Be a little environmental friendly by choosing WC with half and full flush

Issued face:
1) This is a positive problem. The water pressure in this condo is SUPER STRONG! So my water heater cannot heat up the water cos the pressure. I'm the type who love strong pressure hot water showers!!! So I've not found a solution yet. If I want really hot water, all I need to do is to switch off the pump. By doing so, I have slow water with hot water. If I want strong water, its cold/luke warm.

2) The 2nd problem is the wash basin tap. Similar to Bathroom2, we bought the wrong size. So everytime I put my head down, I will hit the tap.

BTW, I apologise as I am not a professional photographer and I just snap the photos as it is. Very sorry for the messiness, like not clearing the counter top, putting down the toilet seat, closing the shower screen, etc In fact, I love this toilet! Just compare the BEFORE and now...hehehehe

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Bathroom 2

This is the bathroom 2 makeover.
Total makeover.


The tiles from developer
There is no separation for wet n dry area
Toilet is extremely small.
 See the door. It went away
See the wash basin, It went relocated
See the tiles, new ones chosen
The wash basin,wc, new ones.

In Progress


New Foldable Door. RM450. Note, this was not in the original quotation.

 3 types of tiles chosen. Got the tiles from Guocera in PJ.
Cant recall the price proportion. But I paid all in RM3k for tiles for 2 bathrooms. This is also after a 10% staff discount.
Note, please see how the tiles were placed. Horizontal and Vertical also makes a difference.

The WC, wash basin and accessories were from Vernon Bath, SS15, introduced by a friend. Again, I paid RM3k+ (less than RM3500) for all bathroom stuff for 2 bathrooms.

The removing of the tiles, water proofing and removal of the old bath items - under ID's quote
The new tiles tiling, under ID's quote
The installation of bathroom stuff - RM900 for both bathrooms (3rd party but managed by ID)

The glass door, I asked my old friend to supply. RM800 all in

The cabinet, part of the ID's quote.

One thing that I didnt like: was the tap. The idea of a tao coming out of the wall was cool. However we chose the wrong one. If a person faces his/her face, his/her head will most likely hit the tap. When you stand at ur wash basin, normally we stand in the middle right.. So middle head down = bang!

This chart here was to show the sales people in Guocera. From here, they will be able to calculate how many boxes of tiles needed. The chart was confusing for me. But i guess the people know best. FYI, it is also good to order extra 1 box of each tile type just in case for spoil, broken, etc. It is not recommended to buy again, same model as different factory batch has different color output. If unlucky, you may get a slight color tone difference.

After I moved in, I realized there was leaking in my utility room. Id came and checked and realized its from bathroom 2. So the plumber was called back. He was gentlemen enough and also admit his mistake. :D ** just imagine, how many would have done this???**

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Room 2


 It was a girl's room. 
So pink, so nice. 
Wished I was little again. 
I never had my own room until I came back from university

This room had no fan. So I bought a KDK from Top 10 in Puchong
*Must Visit this shop if you intent to buy FANS, Panasonic, KDK or Alpha as they are super cheap* Even staff price cannot get this cheap. I compared as Harvey Norman Staff Price cannot get me this rate. The sales guy said they only earn RM2 per fan sold. How True I dont know, but surely they have volume. When I went, they were PACKED.

Location: Top 10, just 2 doors away from Tesco Puchong. Same side.

Air-con, the previous owner left it there. However the ID re-located the air-con hose. Air-con hose used to end up at MasterBedroom toilet. But since I wanted a dry toilet area, (where the air-con hose were), no choice but to relocated the air-con hose to 2nd toilet wet area.
In Progress

They put in the Ikea Wardrobe originall from the Master Bed Room
The shelves were custom made and measured.
The curtain rod was removed and thrown away

Grills needed as Philip is still young.

Grill and Shelves Prices were mentioned earlier. Please scroll to old post.

Electrical: Added some florencent tubes and fan.
Since this is NOT considered a big makeover, no point to contact the plaster ceiling guy. So the ID innovative-ly used wood cover up the ceiling.


This is the Maxtrack Blind which I talked about. The left hand side is closed up with 10% sunlight.
The right hand side, in between the "lines" will be direct sunlight.

This is good as I dont have to turn on the lights for Philip to sleep at night. Natural lights. So he can get used to sleeping without lights.

Location: Maxtrack is located in Jaya 1
Price: RM30 per sq ft with 25% further discount off the total bill

Please click on the photo to see the entire picture.

1) Jundeco: Ikano. I got mine physically as I wanted to see it before purchase
2) Korean Mat: Mini Toons, 1U.
3) Thomas and Cars Duvet from Flea Market, Subang Parade.

The wood ceiling

So do I like this room?
The occupant of this room is super pleased. :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Preloved Kipling Bags Up For Sale

This post will be constantly updated. Those sold will be removed accordingly.

I have 7 more bags to let go. 2 has been reserved.
and I accidentally deleted my post content. Sigh. So I will only show u, the 7 bags. More details, please email me at racheljtle @ gmail. com   ok?

BAG 1:

Original Price RM309
Now @ RM155
size : W 8”
H 8”
Base 3”

BAG 2 
Original Price RM399
NOW @ RM200
Size : H 6”
W11”  excluded the 2 pockets @ de both left and right side
Base 5"


Original Price RM409
NOW @ RM205
Size : W 10”
H 11”
Base expand to about 5”

BAG 4 

Original Price RM369
Now @ RM166
Size :
W 14”
H 8.5”
Base 4”

BAG 5 (Tentative reserved for Irene until she views the item)

Original Price RM369
Now @ RM166
Size : W 11.5”
H 9”
Base 5”

Bag 6
Original Price RM339
NOW @ RM153
Size : W 13”
H 8.5”
Base 3.5”

Bag 7 (Tentative reserve for Sue until she views the items)
Original Price RM160
NOW @ RM75
waist porch
Size : W 11”
H 5”
Triangle Top Cover 3”
THANKS. Looking forward in serving you soon.