Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Choosing the Unit - Part 1

Every-time after seeing the units, I would try to visualized if I would to stay there, where I would put the furniture, TVs and such.

When I saw a particular unit that I liked, my visualization would be even deeper. I will keep thinking about it for a few days. During the few days, I will also pray asking God, "God, if that place is for me, means its for me". I prayed this sentence over and over again.

There was 1 unit that I particularly liked. I made an offer, but the agent refused it. I really didn't like young agents because I think they are there to make $. By right, when I make an offer, the agent must revert to the owner. That why if I had a chance to speak to the owner, I believe I will win in my negotiation skills!!!!

Once I went for viewing. This another young agent had the chic to bring another 8 prospects at the same time. Talking about professionalism!!

At the meantime, someone wanted to rent my house in USJ and paid good money. I was very gan-cheong as they wanted to move in asap. So how? move back to my parents?

Thank God, I found another agent (This is Chooi Kuan) and I am so happy to know she is an experience one. When I meet her, I can sense she is mature and experience. She took me to see 2 units. (Unit-x, Unit-y)

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