Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Agent Type #3

Ooo I tell you, this agent is the worst. His name is Agent E.

1_ You call him, he dont pick up the phone. He prefers communication via SMS.
2) You asked him about the particular unit, he will say FIXED PRICE, HIGH FLOOR.
So, I ask him what floor is it, he say above 10. High Floor, High Price. Oi, already pissed me off. I am a genuine buyer and he cant even tell me which floor. So I had to probe, between 10-15, 15-20..and he just say 10-15 EVEN UNTIL the day , outside the condo.
3) You asked for an appointment to view the place, he says HAVE TO WAIT. Cos the unit is rented out and the tenant is ALWAYS not in. Gosh, if the owner sincerely wants to sell, he must give keys right
4) On the day of appointment, HE WAS LATE.
5) He is YOUNG and thinks he is a SMART(ass)
6) He is purposely late cos he was not sure if the tenant was in. You knew why, because its the owner that arrange with the tenant and not him. So he is making calls to owner, owner-to tenant, tenant to owner and owner to him..back and forth

7) My my..comes the surprise. I was the first to arrive for the appointment. later, a flock of people came. it was like a GROUP VISIT. how Unprofessional.
8) He was still unsure if the tenant was in, cos we dont have access to enter the condo. So he uses the ROCK(s) to throw at the window............Please guess, what do you think the GROUP SIZE was???? Winner will get a prize

9) So came the time we went in. Group visit is so unprofessional cos he cant cope with all the questions. We went to see the UNIT. I ALMOST 99% bought it .. WHY..although with all the unprofessional-ism, the unit bear a special number which I *heart* ---- YES YES YES, the unit number is with my SAME BIRTHDAY NUMBER.

10) ok, we viewed the unit. My mom, my brother and my son DIDNT LIKE IT AT ALL. The tenant macam run away people cos no lights in the house. They didnt pay electricity. We asked to on the lights and they said KIDS SLEEPING. However it was so tempting..cos how coincident you can get the same unit number as my birthday right...

11) After that night, the agent again SMS.................. but after I thought thru, no la. The unit is not for me after all. I believe there are other more beautiful units.

Update: The Agent contacted me recently asking me if I had bought...**he smsed** and I totally ignored him.


  1. visit for buying a house! haha.. like school excursion. Sigh! that agent need to buck up.

  2. how unprofessional!

    good that u didn't get it, dont let him earn comm!