Saturday, May 8, 2010

Choosing the Unit - Part 2

Thank God, I found another agent and I am so happy to know she is an experience one. When I meet her, I can sense she is mature and experience. She took me to see 2 units. (Unit-x, Unit-y)

About a week later, I called her.

Me: I want to buy unit-X
Agent: Sorry. Just sold. Before you called me, I just sold. Collecting the cheque in the evening
Me: bump. Heartache.
Agent: There is another seller. U interested to view? The seller just contacted me. I myself have not even seen the unit. The seller said her unit is very nice and priced at $A.
Me: Wah Piang. $A? same price as a duplex already wor...
Agent: I have not seen the place yet. Normally seller will say their unit is very nice, well maintain to jack the price. But we see the place first ok?
Me: ok

~~ At night.. ~~
Agent: We see the place first then comment/discuss the price ok?
Me: ok

Me: Wah......... really nice. Better than Unit-x. (Unit-x is $A-80k)
Agent: its really nice. really very well maintained and well-kept
Me, Agent, Owner all talk talk about place. But no price talk cos need to be ethical as any pricing negotiation must go through Agent

We left the place
Me: through ur many years of experience, tell me, how much you think is worth for this unit?
Agent: $A-40k
Me: ok. that's the price you offer the owner. I trust your judgment

Agent: Rachel, owner said $A-30k is the best
Me: I think first, but we go Saturday again to see

Agent: Rachel, the owner said $A-30k is the lowest he will go
Me: Heartache. Burden. Ok la.
You tell him I am willing to "let-go". I wont compromise.
Agent: ok. I will open this opportunity to my other clients

That Saturday afternoon, I was so sad. I was really looking forward as the unit I saw was the BEST among the ones I have seen. Then I locked myself and I prayed. This time I prayed differently. Remember I used to pray only 1 sentence?

I prayed differently this round like this:
- Pray for the owner to remember me and have a special feeling towards me
- Pray for the other prospects that come and the prospects wont like the place
- Pray specifically that it will be $A-40k

I prayed this everyday since Saturday until....



    2ndly, how much is A-40.. A-30? :p.. P n C? ok, i wont ask...

    3rdly, can u elaborate more on the course u suggested to me recently? about the govt staff attending course in your hotel? or what....

  2. Pray and god shall know our heart's content,,, all the best

  3. Hi Little Lamb! First time dropping by here.

    Hope your prayers are answered and good luck.