Monday, May 3, 2010

Agent Type #4

This is what I call Professional..or is it meeting my standards/expectation?

There are 2 agents which I want to comment.

Firstly is Chooi Kuan - she is the one who found me my unit.
Secondly is Rose - she is the one who sold my USJ unit.

Both of them are very experience and the way they talk, you know they have been in the field long enough. They take passion of what they are doing. They take initiative to get to know you better. They take initiate to know your requirements.

I will blog in detail about the 2 properties later.


  1. yup passion is the keyword here, passion can really buy us over to their side, and passion can really make us happy.

    So congratulation of selling off your house meaning you are going to get another new house right,?

    god bless,,,, blessing and more blessing upon you

  2. Great!! You manage to sell off the house!!

    Looking forward to your new units!

  3. hi Rachel, sorry for not being here for a long while.. and happy to hear u have sold your own unit and bought your dream condo... so when ready to move in?