Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Choosing the Unit - Part 3

That Saturday afternoon, I was so sad. I was really looking forward as the unit I saw was the BEST among the ones I have seen. Then I locked myself and I prayed. This time I prayed differently. Remember I used to pray only 1 sentence?

I prayed differently this round and it went:
- Pray for the owner to remember me and have a special feeling towards me
- Pray for the other prospects that come and the prospects wont like the place
- Pray specifically that it will be $A-40k

I prayed this everyday since Saturday until....

On Monday 29th June
Agent: Rachel, u sure u want to let go?
Me: Holding to my principles..yes. I am only willing to go at the said price
Agent: If you really like it, why not compromise nearer to the owner's price?
Me: Nah... its ok la. You let go
Agent: ok la. alright.

I still continued praying cos as long as it is NOT sold, I have a chance right?

Then on 2nd July, Thur
Agent: Rachel, the unit is yours
Me: Huh?
Agent: Owner said
particularly sell to you only
Me: Really?
Agent: There are others whom offered the owner at higher price than you. but Owner said, sell to you
Me: Oh Thank you thank you. Tonight I pass you CASH.
Agent: No need la. Cheque..
Me: Ok. See you at the owners place.

After putting down the phone, I was so happy and in fact disbelief cos how come God answered my prayer. Then I asked God for forgiveness and thank Him again and again!

At night.... went to the owner's place
We did the transaction and signed some forms.

The owner's wife then related how she felt comfortable with me, and how cute Philip was and that we are genuine good people whom will take good care of the place..

... Then talk talk talk... found out that the daughter study in Sri Nobel
(fyi, we have special relationship with Clarine Chun), then found out the owner work in Sime Darby XXX (fyi, my mom worked in Sime Darby for 25 yrs)...the more we talk, the more we got excited! Some more church-goers to Calvary Church, Damansara Heights.

Ok, first hurdle done
Now, second hurdle is getting the S&P, Loan, etc.


  1. :D Glad that your prayers came true :)

  2. Rachel, ur prayers were answered!!! God is always helping us in many wonderful ways :) Congrats! :)

  3. Very happy for you, finally you buy the unit that you like.