Thursday, April 22, 2010

Agent Type #1

I encountered many many type of agents while searching for my property. Hence, I'll share the experiences.

Most of the listing, on newspaper or online are by agents. Some are NOT real agents. They are sub-agents or "friend-friend" agent.

The first agent I met was G (need to withhold the name) He contacted me after I left my enquiry online. He was professional to call and not sms (plus point).

He called to say he has a property..a property of not my choice but would I want to explore others? Of course I said SURE. At least this type of agent takes note of your needs/requirement. Furthermore, its Good to Explore.

So off we went to view the place. He and his colleague arrived before I did. (another plus point). He has keys to the place and the place was empty. After viewing, I didn't quite like the property as it was a bit old, about 8 years old. So during the meet up session, they asked more about my requirements.

In less than a week, they found another property. However this property was "not theirs". Meaning this agent found this unit through another agent. Thus, in most cases if the buyer decides to buy, the commission will be split.

Again, off we went to view it. I love the place very much. A quick call to my banker and he said the asking price is slightly above market value. So I told the agent that rm310k was my price. The agent was professional enough to asked the other agent to talk to the owner. However the agent ON THE SPOT rejected the request. Come on, if you dont ask the owner, you think the owner wont reduce? The agent said the OWNER said FIRM price. You see, human change. Some things, in matter of days or hours or weeks can CHANGE. If the owner said firm last 2 weeks, it does not mean this 2 weeks? AT LEAST ASK!!!!!

A week later, agent G asked if I am willing to accept the asking price. I said no. Basically agent G was professional and helpful, but his middle-man was NOT. Although I like the place, but I should not give in. I should not be anxious and regret later right?

Would I work along with Agent G in the future? Definitely and wished he has more units at hand. Btw, Agent G territory is in MK, Solaris, Dutamas area. If you want a good deal around there, he should be the one.

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