Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Room 2


 It was a girl's room. 
So pink, so nice. 
Wished I was little again. 
I never had my own room until I came back from university

This room had no fan. So I bought a KDK from Top 10 in Puchong
*Must Visit this shop if you intent to buy FANS, Panasonic, KDK or Alpha as they are super cheap* Even staff price cannot get this cheap. I compared as Harvey Norman Staff Price cannot get me this rate. The sales guy said they only earn RM2 per fan sold. How True I dont know, but surely they have volume. When I went, they were PACKED.

Location: Top 10, just 2 doors away from Tesco Puchong. Same side.

Air-con, the previous owner left it there. However the ID re-located the air-con hose. Air-con hose used to end up at MasterBedroom toilet. But since I wanted a dry toilet area, (where the air-con hose were), no choice but to relocated the air-con hose to 2nd toilet wet area.
In Progress

They put in the Ikea Wardrobe originall from the Master Bed Room
The shelves were custom made and measured.
The curtain rod was removed and thrown away

Grills needed as Philip is still young.

Grill and Shelves Prices were mentioned earlier. Please scroll to old post.

Electrical: Added some florencent tubes and fan.
Since this is NOT considered a big makeover, no point to contact the plaster ceiling guy. So the ID innovative-ly used wood cover up the ceiling.


This is the Maxtrack Blind which I talked about. The left hand side is closed up with 10% sunlight.
The right hand side, in between the "lines" will be direct sunlight.

This is good as I dont have to turn on the lights for Philip to sleep at night. Natural lights. So he can get used to sleeping without lights.

Location: Maxtrack is located in Jaya 1
Price: RM30 per sq ft with 25% further discount off the total bill

Please click on the photo to see the entire picture.

1) Jundeco: Ikano. I got mine physically as I wanted to see it before purchase
2) Korean Mat: Mini Toons, 1U.
3) Thomas and Cars Duvet from Flea Market, Subang Parade.

The wood ceiling

So do I like this room?
The occupant of this room is super pleased. :D


  1. I love the curtains in the girl's room.

    I love Philip's room too!

  2. Hi Little Lamb, I love this place of yours. Looks very nice and cozy. And love that green colour. You have good taste in decor.
    Have fun, best regards, Lee.

  3. I like this room too! Very boylish! You put a mirror in his room?

  4. This post is useful for me when I want to proote my kids to their own room!

  5. i love goin to ikea !!! omg - ur kid must be so happy to have a new room hor? all like the ikea room too. :)

    have a lovely weekend!!
    jen @

  6. such a good information for renovating

  7. i wish to have my own new house again...can start renovate according to my design...nice design indeed!

  8. Very nice! Now I can continue to dream to have such a nice place like yours =D

  9. I love the build in cabinet in your boy's room.. ^_^