Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Masterbedroom - Part 3

The full-height wardrobe

To design this, it took a lot of effort! Just the design alone, it has many revisions, at least 20 times!!

Because it was so customize, both ID and myself also forgotten about practicality. When the quote came, it for one 1 wardrobe. How the inside of the wardrobe looked like is up to me. So we started with a basic drawing and end up changing up to 15-20 times I think.

So came the day where I started to put my clothes and I realised..darn the wardrobe is too high. I cant get my clothes. I had to tip toe... I also realised, I needed more drawer space. Anyway I got those Ikea boxes too.

The final drawing after sooooooo many rounds

In Progress

3 panel sliding wardrobe.

First panel

Second and Third Panel

Things to take note:
1) The quoted price for the wardrobe is "designer's" price. Not factory or retail type. So my expectation were..since the price were higher..then
a) quality should be good.
b) the wardrobe, 1st handover, the clothes holder were like dropping because clothes too heavy n the rod seems to be causing a "u" shape. So the ID took it back and re-do it.
c) on 2 occasions, the ID took back the door to make the door more solids, the mirror to hold stronger n also change all colored mirror to the same color.
d) on a few patches, the workmanship was very bad. Although I can accept it, but ID insist to take back.
e) if you are doing your own design, better ask urself or take measuring tape n go to the actual site . Because on paper, it looks small, but real..its huge. That why I had to tip toe to get my stuff.


  1. Now i am lost, are you moving to a new house, or you are the interior designer with some contracted sub contractors ,,,,lost

  2. Your new home looks very classy and nice! You must have spent a fortune on the renovation works eh?

  3. I think ur clothes hanging rod is too long and the length cant support the weight....!!!!

    wat's wrg with the door?
    wat do u mean by "not solid"....???
    IT ll come/jump out????

  4. Hi Little Lamb, wow! Work in progress....
    looking good too, love the pastel colours. You are very creative.
    When's the grand opening? Ha ha.

    Here's wishing you and family the very best of Seasons greetings. Happy Christmas, Lee.

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR, to you and all at home, Little Lamb.
    Best regards, Lee.

  6. can you house be ready for CNY? Surprise us!

  7. Your place looks great... envy envy.. :-) Happy New Year to you too!!!!

  8. Happy New Year to you too. Sorry a little late but that's because I haven't checked my emails for the longest time. =P

    Your home is shaping up really nicely. Soon it will be a great home, perfect for a brand new year! =D