Thursday, December 9, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Masterbedroom - Part 2

Blinds for the master bedroom

Like the 2nd bedroom, I installed blinds. I got them from Maxtrack.

Jaya 1
Contact: Ms Mizhzel @

First blind (zebra): rm750
2nd blind: rm300

The Id and myself went to Maxtrack to select the blinds. We came across the zebra blinds whereby we can have 2 tones. After installing the zebra, I realised that the sun coming thru is still bright. I cant sleep in after 9am. LOL. To refresh yourself about Zebra blinds, pls read here

So I went and got a black-out blind as the 2nd layer. The color matches the zebra and the room perfectly.

During the 2nd blind installation, the workers probably wanted an easy and fast job, so they installed the black-out blind as the outer layer and the nice decorative zebra blind behind. So common sense will say it is NOT NICE. So I made some noise and the workers came back for 2nd time to rectify the issue. No extra charges and problem solved :)

This is where it is installed

First layer, the zebra. You can see the lights from outside.
Like a transparent sheet

2 blinds being installed. The black-out on the outer layer (front)
Close up

After rectification, this is final product
When I need the sun, I just pull/retract the black-out blind.


  1. Don't know why, i still prefer the wooden or the rattan type of blind,,,,,,but sadly these too material don't usually come with nice colors,,,

    hey have a great weekend and god bless.

    say hi to Philip for me,will ya

  2. My house is using those cheap2 rattan type of blind. It can't block much of the sunlight!!