Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Bathroom 2

This is the bathroom 2 makeover.
Total makeover.


The tiles from developer
There is no separation for wet n dry area
Toilet is extremely small.
 See the door. It went away
See the wash basin, It went relocated
See the tiles, new ones chosen
The wash basin,wc, new ones.

In Progress


New Foldable Door. RM450. Note, this was not in the original quotation.

 3 types of tiles chosen. Got the tiles from Guocera in PJ.
Cant recall the price proportion. But I paid all in RM3k for tiles for 2 bathrooms. This is also after a 10% staff discount.
Note, please see how the tiles were placed. Horizontal and Vertical also makes a difference.

The WC, wash basin and accessories were from Vernon Bath, SS15, introduced by a friend. Again, I paid RM3k+ (less than RM3500) for all bathroom stuff for 2 bathrooms.

The removing of the tiles, water proofing and removal of the old bath items - under ID's quote
The new tiles tiling, under ID's quote
The installation of bathroom stuff - RM900 for both bathrooms (3rd party but managed by ID)

The glass door, I asked my old friend to supply. RM800 all in

The cabinet, part of the ID's quote.

One thing that I didnt like: was the tap. The idea of a tao coming out of the wall was cool. However we chose the wrong one. If a person faces his/her face, his/her head will most likely hit the tap. When you stand at ur wash basin, normally we stand in the middle right.. So middle head down = bang!

This chart here was to show the sales people in Guocera. From here, they will be able to calculate how many boxes of tiles needed. The chart was confusing for me. But i guess the people know best. FYI, it is also good to order extra 1 box of each tile type just in case for spoil, broken, etc. It is not recommended to buy again, same model as different factory batch has different color output. If unlucky, you may get a slight color tone difference.

After I moved in, I realized there was leaking in my utility room. Id came and checked and realized its from bathroom 2. So the plumber was called back. He was gentlemen enough and also admit his mistake. :D ** just imagine, how many would have done this???**


  1. wow...the toilet had been transformed to look very nice! Love the glass door but will it be a hassle to wash?

  2. nice transformation...yes...our big day coming up...me going for a facial, a good meal and maybe a movie...nowadays that's a big treat! and you??

  3. Hou leng ar! Nice makeover. The tap and wash basin is designed for washing hands only, not the face.

  4. aarrrggghhh....hate rework! but you sure put in alot of effort to get your stuff....tiles as well.

  5. Hi Little Lamb, WOW! Outstanding! Better that Sheraton or 4 Seasons hotel. Looks real classy.
    You have very good creative ideas, love the pastel colours. Lee.

  6. what a great job...u r a very capable lady, i can't imagine dealing with all these stuffs myself !! now...how can the lil one not be pleased, he better loves his mommy more :P