Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Before-InProgress-After : Masterbedroom - Part 1

Very sorry for the long silence.
There is so much I want to talk about the master bedroom. There are good and bad. So, let's start with the easy one.

Wall Paper.

The quotation from the ID included the wall-paper.
The selection of the wall paper was entirely up to the ID
The installation of the wall paper was disastrous

At the end, the ID painted back the wall, remove the wall paper fee.
The outsource company providing this probably had a big lost because they installed it twice or thrice if not mistaken. But since the end result was not satisfying, I didnt want to accept

Two concerns when getting wall-paper
- The wall must be on a smooth surface and of the same level
- Those who installed the wall paper must be seasoned and not a fresh guy out there. I mean, get a SI-fu

First Time Install. Can you see the bubbles?

The bedwall.

2nd Time. Actually I can accept cos no one can see.
But then, based on a the ID, he said he cant accept such lousy work

I asked Joanna if her wall paper were like mine and she said mine was totally unacceptable.

So as you can see, final product, no more wall paper. Painted back cream color.

Again, sorry for the messiness.

Btw, I do not know which supplier my ID used for the wall-paper. Anyhow, I dont like the contractor because they did a lousy job and they also spoiled some of my household item like table and broom. Too bad I dont know the name of the company. Otherwise I would have list it here.

Coming up next, Blinds


  1. oh yes, dat's a horribly done wall paper! when we wall papered our home 6 years ago, they had to sandpaper the whole wall n even it out before putting on the wall paper. the end result was beautiful. cant see the joining, no bubbles and all.

  2. yup i think your wall paper pasting is totally unacceptable and shoddy job and it looks scruffy and unkempt....

    i like the wall mounted tv with the mounted cabinet as well, and the color goes very well with it,,,,