Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting RAW & Rock!!

Somehow, my weight went skyrocket HIGH! Once upon a time (year 2003), I was 64kg. That time, I considered myself very "Happy". From 2004-2009 my weight was between 50kg-55kg. Now, its back to 64kg. I dont know how the weight got into me as I dont seem to be as happy before and I have aged. I have tried to eat less, but still does not work.

One thing I do know is, I must eat healthy and must eat natural food as much as possible. So I began to hunt. I stumbled upon Tera Warmers site and from there, I got to know the Raw Food Today fb page and some amazing people who support of eating natural and healthy food.

Something easily done at home is juicing and I used this for meal replacements.

Here are two videos I took...*hiks hiks* cos when I wanted to purchase the Shimono, I tried googling for reviews..but sadly none in Asia context.

Do note: the two videos ARE NOT EDITED. Its as original as can be. Just sharing from a lay-man day-to-day person on juicing