Friday, June 22, 2012

Maxis Home Fibre Internet

And so...I signed up for this.
I was not even aware of this promotion until I fine day, I had to walk in to maxis to "turn table" regarding my other subscription with them.

This package is really attractive. If you are a 1MB streamyx customer, you will definitely jump for this because you are getting 10MB (10x more) at a mere extra RM8.

I was CON to sign up immediately (good sales talk). After signing the dotted lines, I was told it will take 10-2 weeks for installation. Before you do sign up ASK

1) Any hacking or cabling done? What type of plastic casing use, Any extra / additional charges
2) What if after installation and I do not get the 10MB as promised. Can I terminate without penalty
3) Will Maxis blame TM if Internet is down (I asked this because during the sales talk, Maxis is riding on TM infrastructure- on my building)
4) Can this Home Bill be tied to your current Maxis Subscription (in my case, I dont want to receive 3 different bills from Maxis. Instead I asked them to consolidate to 1) and of course, other standard questions you ask can be found on their FAQ

Within the 10 days period to installation, I probably received 5 CALLS and 3 SMSes from Maxis regarding my appointment (GOOD SERVICE).

Came the actual installation day. 4 JUNE.
Maxis technician turned up LATE. (minus 1 point),
Never call to inform. (minus 1 point)
Courtesy to apologise - YES

Then TM Technicians - LAGI LATE. 9.30 am was my appointment. Came at 11.30am !@#$%
I told the Maxis guy. I m signing the lines with MAXIS and not TM. Hence Maxis should take full ownership.

4 guys in my apartment and they CANNOT GET IT WORKING
- I wasted RM192 opportunity cost. I took 0.5 days leave.

Reminds me why we need 4 men to change a bulb

and before they left, TM said, SYSTEM PROBLEM. So they had to connect back my streamyx.

After that, another WAIT till 15 JUNE. This round, the Maxis guy was on time, a different guy. TM guy came LATE AGAIN!!!!!! but they managed to settle everything.

I told myself, I will terminate the service if they cannot get it up the 2nd round.

2nd Round, only 2 men came. 

See the speed: Download 11.72 Mbps
Upload 5.90
Taken 22 June

Now, I am speeding on very much!!! like my German Bf too =)


  1. I feel your frustration. What else is new with internet provider in Bolehland?

  2. Useful information ..I am very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us this useful information. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

  3. thanks for sharing. i will sign up too. hehe...


  4. I have also signed up recently but the speed is still locked at 5MBps! it's been a week and i hope it will be fixed in no time. anyhow, it's sstill better than my streamyx. hahah

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  6. call/text 0123355185 for sign up, can go home to home for registration