Monday, June 18, 2012

Before you throw...

Annoys me max when I see "useful" stuff being thrown away.
Before you throw anything next time, ask yourself, what can you do with this item, that item?
*i m not here to show off*. I feel that we are pampered and taking things for granted.

Last night, I went to thrash and I saw this in the garbage room
*note, I stay in a condo and every floor will have a garbage room*

This is a 5.5L bottle. You know, a bottle can be re-use in so many ways. So I quickly sneaked back this bottle to my unit and I am preparing to bring it to BYOB.

Let's say, you dont bring it to BYOB, you can of course wash it clean and use it to refill water, cut the bottle up to put stuff...and many more. *leave to your creativity*


  1. Eh, sounds so familiar... I thought I'm the only one who retrieve rubbish from the bilik sampah :p

  2. haha another sampah lady just like us.