Monday, September 5, 2011

Illegal Work At the Kitchen

ahahhaha dont be taken aback. Not so serious.

I am one lazy bum here. During the last Raya holidays, we decided to juice often. So I got very tired after each juice extract as I have to clear and clean the fruit waste, the pulp,  etc.  I then thought to "seal" the juicer so that no ants can enter. True enough. I tested for 6 days. Not a single ant found. It did smell a little fishy as there was some liquid found. Otherwise, this is good. Will continue this illegal work in my kitchen

This is the juicer
#1, I stuck a paper towel at the juice outlet
 #2 for the waste/pulp, I line with plastic. 
Hence mush easier to thrash and the plastic container was clean. However I still rinse it.


  1. haha, brilliant! Can I say Laziness breeds creativity?

  2. Don't quite understand what you did. You did not wash the juicer after using it? And used a plastic bag to wrap it up and re-use the juicer the next day?

  3. hmmm i never though of lining the bin with a plastic but i'll do that next time..saves time in cleaning the bin full of pulp.

  4. Hi Little Lamb,

    I have posted up the photo of the nori flakes on my bento post for you to see. Do drop by and view the brand :)
    You are clever to think of such great idea for the juicer. I would never have thought of that .

  5. Hhmm... Not good Rachel. I think the juice and whatever left behind will have bacteria. Best to wash it