Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Money Matters

Call me weird?
Call me Kiam Siap? (stingy)
Call me generous?

When my son goes to the Indian Barber and get his hair cut, the price for a hair cut is RM7. I usually give RM10 and told the guy to keep the change. Why? I know how hard getting an income these days and how many heads do they cut a day? Maybe less than 20? 20 pax x RM10 = RM200. Have to pay worker, rental, utilities....

But 5 cents can put me off easily. Was at Kung Fu Paradise in Paradigm Mall and the cashier short change me. She didnt pay me the 5 cents! and I had to challenge her and she said " ok ok la. You want me to give you back" OMG. She is expected to give exact change (I believe that's her JD) and yet got the cheek to ask me, you want me to give you? Imagine she did that to all her customer...maybe 50 customers a day? That's RM5 bucks. I scolded her and at the end, I told her to keep the 5 cents. I hope this woke her up and make her conscious of her doings.

1 comment:

  1. 5 sen is still money wat! Sometimes I get 10 sen in return when the cashier has run out of 5 sen coins. If they have good business sense, they should know better to please the customers than to piss them off.