Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peking Duck at Di-Wei, Empire Shopping Gallery

Got to know this from smallkucing.
Then brought my customer there for makan.
Then brought my supplier there for makan.
Will go again cos their promotion still on.

1 Peking Duck at RM39.90. Skin part only
Then the meat, cook dishes at RM15.00
Then to make soup, RM10.00
Balance, you can ta-pau too.

Overall Di-Wei's food is not bad. Taste wise is good
But portion is small and considered fine dining.
Will only go when they have promotion otherwise its too expensive for the weekly meal.


  1. Hmm.. something's wrong with your codes?

    I love peking duck, wish to try this~

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  3. Hi Little Lamb,

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  4. My hubs loves peking duck! But Empire Gallery is too far for us leh. There's one Chinese restaurant at BV (Village Roast Duck) that sells very good ducks too. My hubs love it. The owners (from Ipoh) had previously worked at Four Seasons in London and now they opened their very own restaurant. It's always packed.