Monday, November 26, 2012

Buying Fresh Seafood

Lazy people like me *LOVES* to hunt for convenience buying. You will NEVER expect me in a wet market at 6am to buy produce.

I was introduced to M25 online recently and they fly in Sabah seafood. I have purchased twice. Usually I buy Bawal Putih (cos less bones). I would love to have Salmon and COD but they are not from deep sea and hence, not available from Sabah.

M25 will provide cleaning of the fish. Hence when you want to cook, just defroze and its good to cook.

2 pieces of Bawal Putih (total weight 0.5 kg)
0.5kg headless prawns
Nga Toh Fish (about 0.5 kg)
I paid RM100 for this.

Worth it?

They are located in TTDI. Order via sms, email or call. Then you swing by to collect.


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