Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Simple Comfort Food

This was done in 10 min.
Of course before that, do defroze your fish first. (Fish was de-scaled, cleaned. So I just have to remove from freezer)

Start of count down in 10 mins
Step 1: Put water in steamer and wait for it to boil.
Step 2: While waiting to be boil, cut tomatoes, ginger, rub fish with salt/pepper, sesame oil, garlic
Step 3: Put a little water in metal plate
Step 4: Put Mee-hoon
Step 5: Put fish
Step 6: Steam for 10 mins with cover lid.
Step 7: Set timer.


  1. Sounds easy and simply yummy!
    Rich in protein! ;)

  2. tomatoes go with steam fish --> BEST