Thursday, May 16, 2013

To be back..

I left writing for sometime. Most of the time lazy. I rather read. Yes, I still do my daily blog reading. Reading makes me get new ideas, a note of encouragement and sometimes a learning.

I hope to be back writing more often. I decided to write today because I came back from a residential training program on "Wheel of Life". I felt very motivated and encouraged after the session. Usually, training programs that I attend only want to see output results for the company. This is something more personal.

Today is also fruits buying day at the office. Am happy to get Turkey Apricots for RM11/packet. I realised, besides eating right, I need to exercise a lot more too. A recent test result shows that my bio-age is actually 45 years old!!!! Can you imagine? That's explains my sleepiness and tiredness all the time. I will be doing some self revamping soon in terms of mental and health.

Thanks for reading :)

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