Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year folks. This blog is so rusty and well of cobwebs...Anyway I would like to wish everyone a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Chinese New Year. HUAT ar!!!!

Having a new home should means I should decorate it? I actually didnt have time or mood to decorate because our CNY is a simple affair, nothing extraordinary.

Here is my wall feature which I promised aeons ago. Plain. This wall is huge and a bit empty. So I decided this should be a "memory" wall whereby I will hang precious memories into this piece.

The ID selected a few stickers and allowed me to choose. In fact, besides sticker, she did recommend some other ideas. But I put-off the other ideas cos it will "create more work" know..something you need to dust/wipe

That's all for now.


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you Rachel and Philip :D

  2. Gong XI Fa Cai!!!

    I love your wall and the stickers.. so sweet leh..

  3. Hi Little Lamb, hey....I love that floral wallpaper. Really beautiful and original too. You got good taste....
    Long ago seen one, but pussy willows....
    You sure got a very tidy home.
    Wishing you and all at home a very happy rabbit year.
    You keep well, best regards, Lee.

  4. house must have house-warming lah, hehehe
    happy YanYat to you, hope u had a happier cny with philip this year :D

  5. Happy Lunar New Year. Love the 'memory' wall idea. Give your kid some crayons and let them 'conteng-conteng' on the wall. It would be a '100% childhood memory wall'.

  6. What a great gallery wall, the flower stickers add such a fun yet light touch! Happy settling into your new home! Thanks for dropping by my blog, such a small world, I hope you'll be back to visit Spokane sometime!

  7. i love the wall decal. veey sweet and nice..:-).