Sunday, May 19, 2013

Orange Cake

Over the weekend, we decided to "fry" a cake using our Philip's AirFryer. Logically, the AirFryer works on the same concept as a oven.

The son was particular interested to help out. So I purposely chose a VERY EASY recipe so that he can follow it.

Recipe: Found here

Tools: Thermomix & Philip's Airfryer

Chef: The son

Result: We poured too much batter to the pan. Hence when the cake was rising, it touched the top of the fryer and caused it to burned. Nevertheless, cake came out alright. The son was not disappointed. In fact, he was delighted in his own creation. He ate 5 mouthful pieces and I took some.

I left an inch space to the top. :(

The output

Wanted to salvage by slicing off the burn part. 
But as I started cutting, the cake "broke"
 Cake inside was ok. This recipe can be re-used. 
Not too sweet. Its moist.

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