Monday, July 30, 2012

Hokkaido Ice Cream @ Paradigm Mall

I first chance upon this when the new Paradigm Mall opened.
Lately, I am more confident to know its related to Pasta Zanmai because some the dessert items are same with Pasta Zanmai, the uniforms the staff wear are the same and even the cutleries. However I may still be wrong.

Anyway I love this so much. Everytime I am in Paradigm, I will surely pamper myself with this.

Black Sesame Ice Cream. and claims, to be good for hair growth :0

His fav is Honey Melon Icecream 

Have a try.

PS: One Scoop is RM4.80 Before tax.


  1. NICE !!! I bought this once but decided to go shopping and the kids finished it all up! :)

  2. My first taste of this was in Singapore a few years back. They had wasabi flavour there but not here though. Oh, black sesame is good for hair growth... thanks for the tip :)

  3. Hi there! Thank you for dining at Hokkaido Ice Cream. Yes! Hokkaido Ice Cream & Pasta Zanmai from the same company. :) We hope to see you again soon! Have a nice week ahead!