Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Kitchen

Yeah, very happy with my purchase. But after awhile, I did regret buying the expensive lap-sap-tong.

I bought this because I dont know how to use stainless steel to fry. 
Always stick. I cant use my Tefal on the induction cooker. *bummer* 

Bought a cover for it too
This size can make a bowl of Magii Mee

Expensive Lap-Sap-Tong that is fly-less & smell-less. 
I had to google to find out how to line the rubbish bag.

& 3 weeks later I found out Katrin BJ was having SALE!!!!!!!!! !@#$%


  1. oh... :(
    Nevermind lah, maybe this lap-sap-tong got more 'yuen fen' with you than the one sitting in the Katrin BJ warehouse. Just appreciate what you have now, you will feel much better.

  2. I LOVE Greenpan and I'm currently using my 3rd one (redeemed free from credit card ;)) How much is the tong sampah? It's really nice and got 10 years guarantee summore... fuh!

  3. It is ok. Since you have already bought it, don't look at else where anymore.....It is fated to follow u home :D

  4. I saw the green pan in Cold Storage too. I wanted to buy it but hub says it is bit pricy. Tell me, do you like it? Is this the best pan you have ever use?