Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Report: Charity Shoebox Christmas 2011

Thank you to those who responded to my shout for help in the recent Charity Drive that I was involved.

I was very pleased with myself and those who responded for your love and care towards little children. Within a week, I managed to get interested parties to pour in RM1250 in cash and 2 sets of gifts were in kind. In total, gifts bought were 127 sets + 2 sets = 129 sets.

Once again, thank you to those who responded and thank you for your generosity and support. For those who personally know me, I purposely make it a point every year to GIVE. Its a conscious decision and effort and I never regretted it.

Like last year, this coming CNY 2012, I will be making a visit to the ICU ward in UMMC again. For those unaware, there are 2 children's unit in UMMC where the children are struck with illness beyond medical help. Last year, I went there with Philip (then 3 yo) and we distributed party packs for each child + a little small red packet. It was heart-renching to see these children and I quickly left the place as I cannot contain my tears. I didnt want the children to see why I am sobbing whereas they were very hopeful and cheerful to their daily lives.

Let me now leave some photos of the Charity Shoebox Drive for you.

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