Friday, December 30, 2011

Irobot Roomba Model 581 Trial Week

A friend owns a IRobot Roomba Model 581 since early this year. I have, been contemplating in getting one since early this year!!!

I already knew I wanted to get a robot vacuum cleaner, but just didnt know which one, which model or brand. I did a lot of research, survey and even wanted to lug one back from the States.

Then my friend offered me to try her unit for a week and see how it goes. 

According to my friend, she is not fully satisfied with the Irobot as she is a super clean person. She tested with intelligent vacuum n seems that it failed her.

So I had the robot in my house for 1 week. In fact, still in my house. On the first week, I used it 3 times.

I had to shut the kitchen door. Confined the robot to the tv area 

 Robot in-action

 Collected, etc

 Even tissue paper captured

One week of dirt. 

Overall my experience, quite good. Fulfilled me 99%. 
I wonder if the Picabot can do the same with 70% less the cost?


  1. This is a good thing to have when we have have no maid.

  2. Ooi, why so dirty one? My pil got the I robot too, and now for their new house, they are looking for furnitures with at least 4 inch height to allow robot to move in and out freely.

  3. yaloh...u simply throw ur used tissue paper ahhhh...???

    Agreed with Deebot oso the same...stuck into those 3in height furniture....the only unsatisfactory towards this machine...XD

  4. I'm contemplating between the roomba and deebot. Any opinions?

    1. Hi, the friend above "Anette Kumiko" whom commented, she is using the deebot. Deebot is considered the mid-range vacuum.

      I am happily using the Iroomba. The one I am using is selling about RM2500. I got a second hand unit ;P