Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Detox: Removing Gallstone

Recently a friend posted on her blog how she was disturbed having gallstone. Her doctor has asked her to remove it the "medical" way and that is through surgery. However she wanted to try some natural remedy before going medical as the last resort.

After reading her blog, I said, why not. Why not try her detox method cos I may have gallstones too.

Hence, this was the website I refereed too

For the first month (I tried it Oct), I used the method as stated in the web.
Step 1:
I juiced 6 apples a day and I normally drink them one-go. and I do it around 10-11am in the morning. I do not peel the apple too. Just hantam everything to the juicer. I did this for 6 days as you need to time the events. I made sure the last day was a weekend. For me, if I ate apple, it may take me few hours as I m lazy to chew. So drinking apple will soften the "stones" in your body

Step 2:
On day 7, I didnt consume any solid from 2pm onwards. I only drank water if I was hungry.
at 6pm, I drank 250 ml (1 cup) of salt water. I used Epsom Salt. Note, you can buy this from pharmacy.
at 8pm, I drank another 250 ml (1 cup) of salt water.
at 10pm, I mixed 125ml of extra virgin olive oil + 125ml lemon juice. Make sure you mix them thoroughly.
Go to bed
Next day, I went to the toilet at least 3 times and I did saw round green stuff that resembles stones.
note: I also had my period that time.

Convinced, and knew I had gallstone, I wanted to repeat the same process the following month. However , came November, I was lazy. Juicing also made me felt lazy man...or maybe I was lethargic. So I tried a slightly different method. Also found on the same web, but from the video.

So November, these were the steps.
1) I didn drink any apple juice at all
2) On a Sunday, I ate a heavy breakfast. At 2pm I started fasting and only drank water. Also, it was lazy Sunday so I was napping most time.
3) at 6pm, I took the salt water. I went to toilet then
4) at 8 pm, I took the salt water. I went to toilet then
5) at 10pm, I took the mixture of Olive Oil and Lemon Juice.
Lay in bed.
6) at 6 am the next day, I took salt water again
8) at 9++ am the next day I took salt water.

Cant wait for another 2 weeks for me to repeat the same.

Personal Experience:
1) The salt water = VERY BITTER. I really cannot take it. Each time, I wanted to vomit. So after drinking the salt water which I do it very fast, I will drink another cup of water to "wash down"
2) The Mixture of Extra Virgin Oil and Lemon Juice = VERY YUCKY to consumed. It was like drinking oil n getting oil stuck to your throat. Again, I drank it very fast and remember to shake well. And drink another cup of water to wash down.



  1. I don't think I can do what you did. No detox for me! Hehe

  2. Don't think I can stomach the olive oil, so this is not for me! But losing 2kg in 2 days is very tempting :-)